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Automatically Resuming Chaser

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One of Chaser’s valuable features is the ability to easily pause chasing at any time, preventing chasers being sent to your customers until you deliberately choose to resume. This can provide peace of mind when initially configuring or subsequently modifying your setup, but also when you’re away from work for a extended period. Pausing at these times helps makes your chasers feel more personal - since nobody wants to be a Scrooge on Christmas Eve - and also gives you a break from having to do your bank reconciliation in order to ensure you’re not chasing paid invoices.

Until now it was necessary to remember to log back into Chaser to unpause. Many of our users enjoy continually refining their settings, and frequently check-in to make sure that their invoices are being effectively chased. But others love the fact that, once setup, they can rest assured that Chaser will politely and persistently chase their customers on their behalf without needing to routinely login. So to help take one more thing off your mind we now allow you to set a resumption date each time you pause Chaser. This means that you can pause before you go away (or whenever you choose!) and know that Chaser will reliably resume without needing your intervention.

Pause until screenshot

We hope that this feature will be useful, especially to those of you who like to set up and leave Chaser to do what it does best. We’ve written a new Help Centre article to explain further.

As always, please do get in touch with us at support@chaser.io if you have any questions or comments. We really appreciate it!

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