Chaser launches live 15-minute webinars in light of the cancellation of Quickbooks Connect London 2020

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Given the rapidly changing situation with COVID-19 and the size and scale of the QuickBooks Connect London event, Quickbooks has decided to cancel the show out of caution. But that has not stopped the Chaser team from trying to CONNECT with businesses, Accountants, and Bookkeepers!

We understand that this was a costly and difficult decision for the team at Quickbooks. We extend our support to all of them in this difficult time. We would like to make the most of it and try to make lemonade!

Having recently launched Chaser 2.0, we were excited to publicly showcase, for the first time, the new look and feel of Chaser as well as the added functionality. Therefore, we will be hosting a series of webinars on 3-4 March for Accountants and Bookkeepers as well as for businesses.

Partnerships with Accounting and Bookkeeping firms

Accountants and Bookkeepers benefit from a partnership with Chaser by helping their clients improve their financial stability with automated credit control. You are invited to join a 15-minute webinar, live at different times over the course of the next two days, where you can see why Chaser is the market leader in credit control automation software. We’ll give you a demo of the software, and chat about how you can use Chaser to solve your clients’ cash flow problems and create a new revenue stream for your practice!

Accountants and bookkeepers, please register here!

Or, if you'd prefer a 1on1 demo, please book in a session with Hannah Waumsley or Alice Hickie here.

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Business owners and in house finance teams

For business owners or members of an in-house finance team, you can benefit from using Chaser as too! Chaser can be that additional credit control employee you’ve been needing, or help your finance team streamline their process so they have more time to spend on other tasks. Either way, you can expect to see a cash flow boost of £4,400 for every £100,000 of turnover, and save your team an average of 7.3 hours per week! Chaser's automation can also improve your financial stability by improving customer paying habits, and foster strong relationships with features like our automatic ‘Thanks for Paying’ emails!

Please register here!

Everyone who registers for a webinar will be invited to share their mailing address so that we can send them the cool merch they would have otherwise received at Quickbooks Connect London! Including our famous Chaser-branded stress balls!


We hope that this helps everyone who was meant to attend the show, as well as the team at Quickbooks, feel a bit of “trade show excitement” even though we aren’t all together there in person!

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