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Debtor Daze is back for Xerocon London 2018!

Debtor Daze is back for Xerocon London 2018!

406 days ago, we unveiled the world’s first accounting-themed craft ale. Weeks of work alongside brilliant brewers Anspach & Hobday (keen Chaser users, with a taproom bar here in London’s Bermondsey Beer Mile) resulted in the delicious Chaser pale ale - Debtor Daze.

Five bottles of orange-labelled Debtor Daze pale ale lined up

We’re thrilled to announce that for Xerocon London 2018, Debtor Daze will be making its return! Available exclusively at the Chaser stand (B29) for FREE!

What a journey it's been

When we incepted the idea of Debtor Daze, we wanted to bring something new to the table of the accounting space. We looked back to our roots. With Chaser being borne out of the stresses of chasing up debtors, we knew we had to tap into that feeling of being stress free. We had to capture that feeling. Perhaps even bottle it. And that was the spark that would go on to light the fire that bore Debtor Daze.

An orange-shirted man pouring hops pellets into the kettle during a beer brew

When we tasted that first sip, we felt we’d discovered something great. But greatness isn’t a title we had the right to confer - that was up to the masses to decide. So we loaded up our stand at Xerocon London 2017 with cartons of Debtor Daze and eagerly awaited the footsteps (and thirst!) of the industry.

Many bottles of Chaser's Debtor Daze ale lined up along their Xerocon London 2017 stand

Thanks to Della Hudson for this great photo

Several hundred bottles given away later, we waited with bated breath to see the response. It was incredible.

So we had to bring it back

Since that fateful conference a year ago, dozens of requests have come through for Debtor Daze to return. And we’re incredibly excited to bring the second release exclusively to Xerocon London 2018. Stock is limited and is on a first-come-first-served basis, so come grab yours before they're gone! (Don’t worry, we aren’t serving the beers to be consumed - they come sealed so you can take home for an end of day relaxation.)

We're at stand B29 this Xerocon. You can have a chat with the team, learn the latest about our market-leading cloud credit control software, meet Sir Chasealot, and grab your limited edition bottle of Debtor Daze to take home with you. Follow us on Twitter to keep up with all the action.

Stand B29 - see you there! 🍻