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New Release: Customer Page & History

If you close your eyes, no lighthouse can help you!

Attempting to complete credit control without an effective way to log and access communications and customer information is like guiding a ship to harbour without a lighthouse. That’s why we’re thrilled to help you avoid debt becoming a shipwreck with the release of the new customers page and notes system in Chaser!

Tracking and harnessing communication history and customer information in Chaser is now flexible and painless. The new customers page and notes system equips you with everything you need to make effective calls and stay on-top of tracking communications, while saving precious time.

What’s new?

Chaser is already a powerful communication tracking system. All email chasing activity (chasers, replies and responses!) are automatically logged on the relevant ‘invoice page’, and invoice notes allow you to keep a complete record of how individual invoices have been chased. This has proven essential to many users in escalating debt, and determining whether customers are being responsive to chasing.

Customer Page & History

The new notes system and customers page makes it even easier to document and harness communication history and customer level information. Saving a huge amount of time in data entry, and making it easier than ever to pick up the phone by putting all the information you need at your fingertips. You can access the customer page by clicking on the relevant customer’s name on the ‘invoices’ and ‘customers’ tab, or in the Chaser Report.

Customer Page & History

The customer page collates key contact information, recent communication history, and summary information about outstanding invoices to provide a platform for making escalation decisions and calls. The new notes system, accessible by clicking ‘add note’, eliminates double entry of information and ensures your notes appear in the relevant places.

So take note...

If chasing customers automatically takes the gold for being the most important step to getting paid, then keeping record of communications is a close second. While Chaser takes care of the hard part by automatically tracking email activity, it’s imperative to keep accurate notes. Otherwise you can easily waste large amounts of time in data entry, and miss important information when making calls.

Invoice level notes in Chaser are a great way to track individual cases such as if an invoice is in dispute, however it can lack flexibility. When making a call, you will often be addressing multiple invoices which can lead to wasting time in either copy-pasting notes between invoices in Chaser, or keeping notes in an external spreadsheet. Similarly, some information you obtain will not relate to a specific invoice at all, such as if a team member has left the customer's company. Adding this information at the invoice level is prone to mistakes and can easily result in it being lost.

The new notes system allows you to specify which invoices a note relates to, reducing time in data entry and ensuring notes are visible in the relevant places. In addition to supporting single invoice notes, there is the flexibility to attach a note to multiple invoices at once, or leave them at the customer level.

Customer Page & History

Notes will be displayed on the relevant invoice’s history, but also appear in the ‘recent history’ on the customers page. Providing a single source of truth for recent communications for that customer while maintaining a complete invoice specific record to use to take action against specific invoices.

Reminders and mentions work on both the customer and invoice level, so working collaboratively in Chaser has never been easier!

Helping you pick up the phone

Having a repository of communication history places you in a position of power when making phone calls to chase up debt. The customer page harnesses this, and provides additional information so that making phone calls has never been easier.

Preparing to make a credit control call was once a three-step process. First, finding the correct contact information within your accounting system. Second, trawling through your inbox and sent items to piece together the chasing conversation. Lastly, frantically checking your notes and asking colleagues if they've spoken to the customer recently.

Not only is this time consuming, it is prone to missing past communication information and potentially discrediting your whole process in the customer’s eyes. With the new customers page, we’ve cut this down to one step. Go the relevant customer’s page within Chaser.
Customer Page & HistoryThe customers page pulls through relevant contact information from your accounting system so that you can make a call. It will also compile all recent activity for that customer within ‘history’, meaning you can confidently use it as a source of truth for recent communication.


The addition of total outstanding and overdue amounts also makes it easy to assess and refer to your overall exposure to the customer. The ‘invoices’ tab means you’ll no longer need to switch between pages in Chaser to refer to specific cases. The customer page is your platform to make informed, successful phone calls.


We can’t wait to see the new customers page and notes transform the way you’re tracking and completing credit control.

We're always looking to improve Chaser, and love to hear from our users. Please reach out to me at ben.king@chaserhq.com if you have any suggestions, comments, or just want to chat!