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40 politely-worded templates to get invoices paid

Send automated payment reminder letters to your debtors in the post

Send automated payment reminder letters to your debtors in the post

Have you ever experienced a debtor who ignores your emails, you can’t reach them over the phone, and despite your best efforts chasing them up, you simply haven’t been able to reach them?


Unfortunately, this situation is more common than you may think. 87% of businesses say they are typically paid late (Chaser), and 7.5% of all invoices issued end up being written off as bad debts (Sage) despite businesses’ efforts to get them paid. This slows down your ability to bring in revenue, and can seriously damage your cash flow.


But now, businesses have a tool that ensures their payment reminders are seen, increases the sense of urgency, and lets debtors know they mean business when it comes to getting paid.


Businesses can now send automated payment reminder letters to their debtors in the post, pre-scheduled with the exact messaging they choose, fully personalized, and containing their business’ own branding, logos, and payment information on the times and dates they choose. 


Why send automated payment reminder letters in the post?


Research shows that 90% of postal letters get opened, while emails achieve an average open rate of just 20% (Zipdo). So to ensure debtors see your payment reminders and reduce late payments, supplement your email chasing with postal letters.


Although extremely effective, Chaser understands that writing and posting letters is time-consuming. This is why you can now schedule automated, personalized payment reminder letters to your debtors on the times and dates that you choose in Chaser.


Increase the sense of urgency around payments with your debtors to ensure you’re paid on time and protect your revenue. Schedule automated reminder letters in the post today.


Letters are automatically posted


Ensure debtors see your payment reminder letters without spending any time writing or posting them. Pre-write your Letter templates in Chaser, schedule postal reminders relative to the invoice due date, and let Chaser handle the rest.


Adopt a multi-channel approach


Maximize your chances of getting your payment reminders noticed, and receiving payments promptly by scheduling automated reminders across multiple channels. Schedule phone calls, SMS, email, and postal letter payment reminders in one comprehensive tool. 


Personalize every letter automatically


Customize your letters with automatic personalization fields (like business name, address,  due date, invoice amount). Use fully editable letter templates that reflect your normal language and style of communication with customers, and use your branding and logo.


Add instant payment link QR codes to your letters


Link customers to their Payment portal to make instant payments within letters. Insert QR codes that link customers to their custom Payment portal where they can access multiple payment methods, view invoices, and download relevant documentation. 


By supplementing your debtor chasing methods with posted letters, you can convey a sense of urgency and formality that ensures your debtors know you are serious about getting paid. Ensure your debtors take notice and pay you what you’re owed, by tying Letters in Chaser today.



Benefits of sending payment reminder letters to your debtors

  • Save time: Send payment reminders in the post without any manual work. Automate personalized payment reminder letters and schedule them to be posted to your debtors at the intervals you choose.

  • Let debtors pay you instantly using QR codes: Automatically insert QR codes in your letters that link to your debtor's Chaser Payment portal. Debtors can scan and pay instantly from their phone, view all invoices, and choose between payment options.

  • Add urgency in debtor communications: Send your debtors personalized letters in the post that convey a sense of urgency, formality, and prompt debtors to pay.

  • Ensure your reminders get seen: Catch your debtor's attention by sending a payment reminder letter. Mailed letters have an open rate of 90%.

  • Full visibility over what has been posted: See which customers have been sent letters in their Chaser event history, view a PDF copy of the letter, and check the letter’s status.

See a full run-down of how letters in Chaser will help you add urgency and get paid sooner, in the letters feature fact sheet.



Add urgency, get paid: How to use payment reminder letters in Chaser


Start using Letters in Chaser in 3 simple steps 


  1. Create a Chaser account: Start using Chaser for free (no card details required) for 10 days at chaserhq.com/signup.

  2. Review your Letter templates: In your Chaser account, navigate to ‘Manage’ then ‘Templates’. Select the ‘Letter’ option and edit the existing templates if required.

  3. Add a Letter to your chasing schedule: In your Chaser account, navigate to ‘Manage’ then ‘Schedules’. Select a schedule, click the ‘+’ icon, and select the ‘Letter’ option, and add your letter template.


For full setup details, read the help centre article on Letters in Chaser, or book in to speak with an expert today.

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