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7 strategies to prevent late invoice payments

Tuesday, 30 January
11:00 AM  GMT

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Are your customers paying their invoices late?

You're not alone. 53% of all invoices issued by Australian businesses are paid late by an average of 26 days (Xero).

Whilst late payments can leave many finance teams feeling frustrated at their customers for being 'bad payers', others are implementing proven strategies to prevent late payments before they even happen.

Your internal processes and credit management policy play a huge role in how often customers will pay you late, and how late payments will be made.

You have the power to drastically reduce late payments for your business by making a few simple process changes. 

See seven proven strategies that are helping businesses to stop late payments in their tracks, reduce days sales outstanding, and improve cash flow.

Your webinar will cover

Proven strategies: Discover seven tried and tested strategies that helped businesses like yours prevent late payments
Expert guidance: Learn from industry experts who will provide practical advice, answer your burning questions, and guide you toward effective credit management.
Real-life case studies: See how other businesses have succeeded after implementing these strategies and speaking with Chaser’s credit control experts.
Free resources: Receive free resources and templates for preventing late payments.
Actionable takeaways: Walk away with a toolbox of practical steps and immediate solutions for reducing late payments.
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Senior Marketing Manager

Amaya has researched and communicated businesses' pain points when it comes to late payments for over 4 years. She ran a research project assessing the severity of late payments at over 400 businesses and was a speaker at the UK government's Prompt Payment and Cash Flow Review Technology Roundtable.

Sales Team Lead

Kev speaks to businesses that are struggling with late payments every day. He has a strong grasp of the business situations that typically lead to late payments, and how to solve them by implementing best practices, effective strategies, and technology solutions.