Get started with CHASER in just 5 steps

Refine the default schedule

Schedules determine which chasers are sent to your customers. Your CHASER account already includes a default schedule; in this step, we will ensure that it fits your requirements.

This step should only take 5 minutes.

Familiarise yourself with the Schedules page

  • Navigate to Settings > Schedules. Here you will see a table. Each row represents a chaser. The second column shows after how many days (with respect to the due date) each chaser will be sent.
  • An appropriate template has already been assigned to each chaser in the schedule.
  • If there are multiple unpaid invoices for the same customer, CHASER will automatically group these invoices together and send at most two chasers: one listing the invoices that have an upcoming due date, and one for those that are overdue.

Edit individual chasers

  • To change the number of days after which a chaser is sent, click the relevant row. In the top-left corner, you will see a field where you can edit the number of days.
  • To delete a chaser, click Delete this chaser in the bottom-left corner of the same window.

Review the "Thanks for paying" feature

  • By default, CHASER sends "Thanks for paying" messages to your customers when an invoice is marked as "Paid" in your accounting package. You can disable this feature in Settings > Schedules > Paid (in the blue vertical menu on the left of the Schedules page).

PRO TIP: We understand that not all customers are created equal. For this reason, you can create new schedules and click Applies to to assign them to the customers of your choice.