Get started with Chaser in just 5 steps

Invite your team to Chaser

If you'd like any of your colleagues to help manage your CHASER account then you can invite them to do so.

Adding users to CHASER should only take 2 minutes.

Invite your colleagues

  • Navigate to Settings (in the top right corner) > Users.
  • Click Invite new user for each user you want to add. We'll email new users all the information they need to sign-up; once they’ve set up their account, they will appear in the list of Users for your organisation.

Decide who'll be the sender for your automatic chasers

  • When you create a CHASER account for your organisation you are automatically set as the sender for your chasers.
  • All users invited to join your organisaton can be set as senders. Alternatively, you can add new senders without adding them as CHASER users.
  • To add and change senders, go to Manage > Email.
  • On this page, you can set both senders (From) and cc’d email addresses (Cc).

PRO TIP: Click Edit next to each sender to add personalised signatures to your chasers.