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What will your finance department look like in the future?

Tasks and roles that automation and AI can replace now and in the future

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How is the rise of AI going to impact your job? Will finance teams still look the same in the years to come? Which roles are going to be automated, and which will be irreplaceable by AI and automation?

Join a panel of AI industry experts as they unravel what lies ahead of us in the world of finance, how to stay ahead of the curve, and how you can use AI to improve your finance team's outcomes.

Automation has taken us a long way, phasing out manual, human-error-prone processes in the finance department. Panelists will look at where we are now in the digitisation of finance, and what's to come with the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

By 2025, 75% of finance teams are expected to be using AI-powered applications to automate previously manual tasks and improve their decision-making processes (Yokoy). With the expected growth of AI in finance teams, understanding how it will impact you, and how you can use it to your advantage is essential.

During this webinar, you'll hear insights on how AI is used in finance teams today, gain practical advice on how to embrace AI as an ally whilst safeguarding your job,  and have the chance to ask your burning questions to a panel of experts.

Don't miss your chance to gain a competitive edge and equip your team for success, as AI experts guide you through navigating the era of AI and automation, and securing your role as a vital contributor in the changing finance landscape.

Your panellists will cover:

Finance tasks and roles that AI and automation are already replacing
How to make AI an ally instead of an enemy in your role
How you can use AI to support your finance team's operations and improve your bottom line
What finance tasks will AI and automation replace in the future
Expert advice on AI integration and career resilience in finance
How AI and automation can help you build competitive advantage
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Founder & Chief Data Scientist

Iyanu is a TEDx speaker, holds a PHD in Information Systems, and is an AI/ML expert revolutionizing finance with cutting-edge solutions. Iyanu is highly knowledgeable in bioinformatics and computer science and is the Founder of Zeitios, an AI/ML solutions provider. Driven by algorithms, he's transforming automated investing using AI/ML. His speaking engagements on investing and mindset have helped over 10,000 people to overcome common mental blocks when it comes to achieving their financial goals. Proficient in scalable cloud solutions and analyzing financial systems, he is at the forefront of driving AI innovation in finance.

Head of Data Analytics and Tech

Ian boasts a wealth of tech and data experience, including 10 years at PwC in Data Analytics, where he specialized in External Audit and Data Acquisition. Ian's expertise shines through robust, automated ETL processes for PwC's award-winning Halo suite of applications. His contributions extend to training development and delivery, with a strong passion for digital upskilling. As a leader at The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, the accounting body established by royal charter in 1880, he is responsible for leading the institute's technological innovations and inspiring the 200,000 ICAEW members.


Sonia has spent nearly two decades in fast-growing financial software businesses, specializing in finance automation. She is currently CEO of Chaser, an AI and automation platform that helps businesses reduce the manual work in their accounts receivables process, and reduce late payments. Sonia understands and researches the pain points of modern finance teams, she champions innovative solutions using automation and AI to help solve them. Sonia’s cutting-edge solutions to the problems faced by finance teams today have earned her ‘Director of the Year’ at the Fintech Awards, Outstanding Leader in Collections at the Credit Leadership Awards, and a nomination for ‘Innovator of the Year’ at the Women in Credit Awards 2024.


Hugh Scantlebury is the founder and CEO of Aqilla, a cloud-based accounting software firm. With his roots firmly established in the IT revolution of the 1980s working for Kewill Systems plc and specialising in financial accounting solutions, Hugh has over 30 years of experience in financial technology. His competitive business leadership and speciality as a product visionary has led the way in the creation of a web-based, multi-currency accounting solution that fits the needs of mid-market organisations.