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Fact sheet

Payer rating

See how your customers are paying at a glance

Understanding your customers' payment behavior isn’t straightforward. It takes into account how they are paying now, how they have paid in the past, and predicts how they will pay in the future. No quick task for an already-busy finance team. 

Now, you can use Payer ratings in Chaser to see, at a glance, how your customers pay you. Payer ratings use machine learning, analysing your customers’ payment behaviour over time to determine whether they are a good, bad, or average payer.

Download this fact sheet to see how Payer ratings will help you understand customer payment behaviour instantly, and help you tailor and improve your credit management. This fact sheet covers:

What Payer ratings do
Key benefits of Payer ratings
How to use Payer ratings in your receivables process
User testimonials
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