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Panel webinar

The 8 cash flow mistakes you are making and strategies to prevent them

This event has finished but you can still watch the recording by filling out the form.

Are there mistakes in your cash flow management that are holding your business back? Ready to learn what they are, and how to correct them?

The challenging economic climate and cost of living crisis have made it increasingly difficult for businesses to maintain stability and financial resilience. In these times, managing a strong, positive cash flow, and avoiding common cash flow mistakes has never been more crucial.

But recognizing and understanding the cash flow mistakes you're making can be complex. Many businesses unknowingly fall into the same traps – errors that are often simple to avoid once identified. It's not just about what you're doing, but also what you might be overlooking. This is where this panel of experts comes in.

These panellists bring a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of cash flow management. In this webinar, they'll shed light on the most common cash flow mistakes you're likely making, how to sidestep these pitfalls, and provide you with practical tips and advice to improve your business's financial health.

Leave this webinar with the tools you need to avoid common cash flow mistakes and lead your business to financial stability.

Here’s what you’ll gain by attending:

  • Insightful analysis: Dive deep into the eight critical cash flow mistakes that could be silently draining your business’s resources. Learn not just to identify these errors, but how to strategically avoid them.
  • Actionable strategies: Our experts will arm you with practical, proven strategies to enhance your cash flow management. These aren't just theories; they're actionable steps you can implement immediately.
  • Interactive experience: This isn't a one-way conversation. You'll have the opportunity to engage directly with our panellists, ask your burning questions and take part in live polls for an immersive learning experience.


Head of Success

With over 8 years of experience leading customer success teams in fast-growth tech environments, Krissie is the Head of Customer Success at Chaser, the market-leading credit control software and services provider. She’s passionate about technology and automation which allow business leaders and finance managers to work more effectively. Krissie takes joy in working in partnership with customers, using a consultative approach to achieve the best success together.

Partner Consultant

Anna brings over two years of invaluable experience from her tenure at Xero, where she has been dedicated to guiding partners through their digital transformations. With a keen interest in harnessing technology for enhanced productivity and improved lifestyles, Anna is a true advocate for the seamless integration of tech-based solutions in our professional and daily routines. Ever the perpetual learner, Anna has most recently earned her credentials as a Data Technician. Alongside this achievement, she remains committed to furthering her expertise by pursuing qualifications with the ACCA. Interestingly, Anna's professional journey is diverse. Prior to her deep dive into the accounting realm, she showcased her leadership prowess in the service industry, a testament to her versatile skill set and adaptability

Country Manager, UK & EMEA

Darren is no stranger to the accounting profession and has more than twenty years experience helping accounting practices develop digital strategies and processes to drive efficiencies and profitability. Having worked for some of the biggest software providers including Sage, CCH, and Xero, Darren now heads up the EMEA region for Fathom and is passionate about accounting firms leveraging technology to drive better business outcomes.

Head of Partnership and Growth

Kayleigh is a seasoned professional with a background in both commercial and corporate banking, as well as the accounting industry. As Head of Partnerships and Growth at Telleroo, she has worked with hundreds of accounting firms of all sizes to help them deliver innovative and valuable services to their clients.

Xu Magazine

David splits his time running a Platinum Xero Partner accountancy practice and XU Magazine, the magazine for Xero users by Xero users. He has been in the accounting industry for 12+ years and has a passion for fintech