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How to keep on top of overdue invoices without committing time or effort

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Good credit control takes time, but you don’t always have the time and resources internally.

In this webinar, see how we can do the heavy work for you - with polite, proactive invoice chasing that gets you paid.

You can save time and feel worry-free, knowing your business' credit control is being taken care of by your dedicated Outsourced Credit Control expert at Chaser.

Hear from current Outsourced Credit Control user; Michael Coates, Co-Founder of Combat Pest Control, about his experience with the service and how it has impacted his business' cash flow and internal operations.

You'll learn

How Outsourced Credit Control helps: what exactly Outsourced Credit Control is, and the problems we solve for you
How it works: learn exactly how the service works and how you can easily keep track of progress
Outsourced Credit Control in practice: hear about how current users Combat Pest Control found the setup process, and the impact the service has had on their business so far
Why Chaser: why we're the best service available to get you paid whilst protecting your customer relationships
Next steps: how to get started with Outsourced Credit Control in 4 simple steps

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