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How Glaze Digital focus on growing their agency instead of awkward payment chasing

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How agency Glaze Digital get paid 24 days faster and spend more time on growing their business

Hear how Outsourced Credit Control has helped Glaze Digital increase efficiency and cost savings, whilst maintaining their brilliant client relationships.

“I’m surprised more businesses aren’t doing this. The time-saving alone is enough justification for us, let alone the improvements in our credit control! It’s definitely a job function I no longer have to do, and lets me focus more of my time on other tasks"

- Richard Megaw, Co-Founder, Glaze Digital

In this case study

Company overview

Main credit control problems

How Outsourced Credit Control helped

How Glaze Digital's Outsourced Credit Controller is helping them build brilliant client relationships

How Glaze Digital have recovered debts they never thought they could
Results to far

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