Get started with Chaser in just 5 steps

Choose which customers to chase

When you connected your organisation to CHASER, we asked you whether you wanted to start by chasing a few of your customers, or most of them.

This step will ensure that your selection perfectly fits your needs: you’ll be able to make any necessary adjustments, picking the customers that you do want to chase and those that you don’t.

The time taken to complete this step depends on the number of customers that you have. However, it shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes.

Decide who to chase

  • Navigate to Customers. Here you will find the list of all your customers imported from your accounting package.
  • There are two tabs: Chasing (customers who will be chased) and Not chasing (customers who will not be chased).
  • If you chose to start by chasing a few of your customers:
    Navigate to the Not chasing tab and click Start chasing next to the customers that you do want to chase.
  • If you chose to chase all or most of your customers:
    Navigate to the Chasing tab and click Stop chasing next to any customers that you don’t want to chase.

Make sure we can deliver your chasers

  • Navigate to Invoices. You will see the list of invoices that we're going to chase, with a note next to those where the customer's name and/or email address are missing.
  • If the email address is missing, we will not be able to deliver chasers for that specific invoice.
  • Where needed, click Edit in to add the missing contact information in your accounting package.

PRO TIP: In both the Customers and Invoices page, you can click on a customer's name to view their contact details.