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New Integration: Chaser for QuickBooks Online

New Integration: Chaser for QuickBooks Online

Here at Chaser, we’re incredibly proud to have helped thousands of businesses transform their credit control for the better.

Today I’m thrilled to announce we open those doors to countless more. It’s my pleasure to announce that Chaser is now available to QuickBooks Online users via the QuickBooks App Store.

And I'm ecstatic to be able to say we've already seen several 5-star reviews come in. It's incredible to see such positive feedback. Paul Lodder of Sagars and Matt Flanagan of BlueHub, both QuickBooks ProAdvisors (and speakers at QuickBooks Connect London's All About Apps panel discussion - check it out), recommend Chaser as core to anyone's QuickBooks Online app selection. While Nathan Keeley of Carpenter Box and Stuart Hurst of UHY highlight Chaser's rapid impact on the credit control function. A big thank you to all four for sharing your thoughts with the rest of the QuickBooks Online community.

QuickBooks Online app store showing Chaser's listing

For our existing users, Chaser for QuickBooks Online is the same cloud credit control software you know and love.

For readers less familiar, Chaser is here to intelligently manage the credit control function of your QuickBooks Online-using business. The perfect complement to your finance team, Chaser automates your email chasing of customers to pay their unpaid invoices, without losing the human touch. Chaser also gives you the insights to better decide which customers to grant credit to, and how best to chase up your customers to pay their invoices. We’re proud to have won awards for our offering, most recently AccountingWEB’s Cloud App of the Year 2017.

Now that we’ve joined the QuickBooks Online family, featuring over 2 million businesses worldwide, we’re eager to bring savings to the masses. That is, an average cash flow boost of $22,000 per $500,000 turnover and time saving of over 7 hours per week on credit control. As if saving your business over 300 man hours a year wasn’t impressive enough, this effect combined across the entire QuickBooks Online user base would come to a whopping 75,000+ years! To put that in perspective, 75,000 years ago humans hadn’t even started wearing clothing yet! How far we’ve come…

And we can’t wait to see how far QuickBooks Online-using businesses will go with Chaser providing the same advantage.

From the entire Chaser team, we’d like to thank all of users for working with us these past few years. Your incredible support has helped us get to where we are today. We look forward to continuing to help you and your new QuickBooks Online-using peers in achieving amazing credit control for years to come.

Before I sign off, the Chaser team is excited to be exhibiting at QuickBooks Connect in London on 27-28 February. Any readers in attendance, we’d love to meet you! Please do come by our stand E10 and have a chat (and grab some free merch while you’re there!).

David Tuck
Founder & CEO

If your business is using QuickBooks Online to manage its finances, give amazing credit control a try for free. Start your 14-day, no-obligation free trial of Chaser today.

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