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40 politely-worded templates to get invoices paid

See how your customers are paying at a glance with payer ratings

Understand your customer payment behavior instantly, and tailor and improve your receivables approach with ease.


Prioritize effectively

Find out which customers are most likely to pay you late, and who you should follow up with first. Instantly identify problem accounts without the need for additional reports or tools, and gain clear insights into your payer's behavior before adjusting their credit limits or using debt collection.


Segment and optimize your follow-up approach

Easily group customers based on their payer rating as ‘good’, ‘bad’, or ‘average; and use different follow-up approaches tailored to their payment behavior. Segment and avoid bombarding good payers with unnecessary additional follow-ups.


Avoid doing business with bad payers

Payer ratings can help you avoid doing business with bad payers in the future by assessing their credit worthiness prior to extending credit. Poor payment habits can easily be identified by their 'bad' payment history, and credit limits can be reduced accordingly.


Keep track of your customers' payment behavior

You can significantly reduce collection times by segmenting your customers based on their payment behavior. But understanding your payer's behavior isn’t straightforward. It takes into account how they are paying now, how they have paid in the past, and estimates how they will pay you in the future; no quick task for an already-busy finance team.


Payer ratings let you see at a glance how your customers pay you. Using machine learning, payer ratings analyze your customers’ payment behavior over time to determine whether they are a good, bad, or average payer. Payer ratings mean you can understand your customer payment behavior instantly. This will help your team tailor the collections approach and identify areas where you can improve your accounts receivable management and follow up process.


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