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Add Chaser to your AccountsIQ system to automate payment reminders

Power the chasing of unpaid invoice reminders in AccountsIQ by using Chaser to better personalise, schedule and track your receivables.
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Why use Chaser for AccountsIQ

Chaser syncs all your AccountsIQ invoices so that you stay on top of what is owed and collect payments on time.
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How to connect Chaser and AccountsIQ

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Login to Chaser

Keep an eye out for your confirmation email, create your password, and login to Chaser.

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Connect to AccountsIQ by selecting from the options, and enter your AccountsIQ user credentials.

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Get started

Follow the easy instructions in our 6-step quick-start guide in the app.

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To ensure you're always operating with the most up-to-date info, Chaser securely syncs data with AccountsIQ automatically before every reminder is sent, every hour, and on demand.

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About AccountsIQ

AccountsIQ is award-winning financial management software designed for multi-entity businesses, offering multi-currency accounting, group consolidation and enhanced business analytics.

AccountsIQ is the ideal platform for those who are looking to transition from a traditional accountancy solution to a cloud-based system, AccountsIQ enables automation and drives efficiency throughout your business.With a user-friendly interface, AccountsIQ is easy to operate and enables teams to effortlessly manage multiple businesses, regions or sites in one platform.

Fully cloud-based, giving teams access to real-time data with custom workflows and dashboards to streamline processes and empower decision making.

Consolidation of multiple entities at the touch of a button, enabling finance teams to manage multiple businesses or locations from one system.

Automation of approvals for purchase orders and expenses.

Complete Time and Expense Management, with Integrated Project Billing to easily allocate time and expenses to the correct projects.

Full system visibility, with Timesheets, Stock and Inventory Management.

Multi-currency accounting and consolidation, with customers and suppliers able to be set up in any global currency. The system then enables consolidation of multiple currencies to ensure accuracy of reporting.

Integrating easily with many electronic banking systems, AccountsIQ automates the process to save time and manual operations.

Integrated cash flow management and analysis, the AccountsIQ system generates cash flow forecasting and recommended payment processing to improve your overall payment planning.

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Is AccountsIQ right for you?

AccountsIQ is a multinational company who make bespoke and cost-effective cloud accounting software. Our products are in use by over 4,000 customers with 30,000 users in over 85 countries. Winners of the Accounting Excellence’s Mid-Market and Enterprise Accounting Software of the year award in both 2018 and 2019, more and more businesses are switching to AccountsIQ.

AccountsIQ is ideal for businesses looking to switch to cloud accounting with access to real-time data without manipulation.

Designed to manage multiple businesses or locations, ideal for businesses running a franchisee model. AccountsIQ consolidates the view of different entities making it easy to get the full picture and compile reports.

Suited to small to medium-sized businesses that are striving for growth. AccountsIQ is typically adopted by companies with more than £1m turnover.

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