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40 politely-worded templates to get invoices paid

Call your debtors directly in app for simplified collections

Effortlessly complete, manage, and record your collection calls directly in Chaser, streamlining your receivable process and ensuring more effective communication with debtors.


Call, connect, collect


Improved efficiency

Effortlessly complete and manage collection calls with a single click directly in Chaser, streamlining your communication process and saving valuable time.

Get invoices paid faster

Chaser’s in-app phone call feature makes it easy to phone your debtors about outstanding invoices. This increases the chances of invoice payments and helps your businesses improve cash flow.

Streamline and reduce cost

Simplify your billing by integrating call costs into your Chaser subscription, avoiding the need for multiple contracts and reducing overall expenses.

Increased efficiency with one-click calling

The convenience of initiating calls with just a click directly within Chaser's software cannot be overstated. This feature is designed for efficiency, enabling quick and easy outreach to clients for payment follow-ups. It simplifies the process, reducing the steps involved in making a call, which in turn speeds up the entire communication cycle.


Record your debtor phone calls automatically

Easily keep track of details like timelines and payment promises with call recording and playback in Chaser. Record key details and agreements to aid faster dispute resolution, and ensure consistency and visibility across your credit management phone calls internally.


Automated call reminders

Never miss a collection call with Chaser's automated reminders. Set up your call schedule in Chaser and get timely reminders. This ensures consistent follow-up and saves you the hassle of remembering every call.


Comprehensive call tracking for detailed records

Each call made using Chaser's system is followed up with a prompt to log important details and outcomes. This comprehensive tracking is key to maintaining a detailed and organized record of all interactions, providing valuable insights and a clear history of communication outcomes.


Immediate access to essential customer data

During a call, having instant access to your client's account history, past communications, and payment records within Chaser's system is incredibly beneficial. It empowers you with all the necessary information to conduct an informed and effective conversation. This immediate access enhances the quality of interaction and supports better decision-making during the call.


A 15-minute call could save you 60+ hours a month on receivables

Over 10,000 users worldwide rely on Chaser to get paid faster, protect their cash flow and maintain good customer relationships.


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