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40 politely-worded templates to get invoices paid

Maximise your cash inflow with AI-powered recommended chasing times

Automate invoice payment follow-ups through email and text messages at the best time by using AI to recommend optimal chasing times based on calculated predictions.


Faster payments

Recommended chasing times leverage artificial intelligence to analyze customer behavior and payment patterns, allowing users to strategically reach out to customers at the most opportune moments when they are most likely to respond and make payments promptly. This proactive approach minimizes late payments, enhances the efficiency of the collection process, and ultimately contributes to improving cash flow for users.


Eliminate guesswork

Recommended chasing times eliminate guesswork by leveraging AI to analyze a range of factors, such as historical payment behaviors and patterns of individual customers. Chaser then generates tailored recommendations for users, suggesting the most effective days and times to dispatch payment reminders. This data-driven approach minimizes uncertainty, allowing users to make informed decisions and streamline their invoice-chasing processes with greater precision and effectiveness.


Continuous refinement

Recommended chasing times are continuously refined within Chaser's system through ongoing adaptation and learning from customer data. This dynamic process ensures that the recommended times for invoice chasing remain accurate and effective, evolving alongside changes in customer payment patterns. By leveraging continuous learning, Chaser optimizes its recommendations over time, providing users with up-to-date and reliable insights for the most effective engagement with customers to secure timely payments.


Customers who use recommended chasing times experience:

25.8 %

increase in the speed of payments

Faster payments: customers who chase using the recommended times feature get paid 3 days sooner compared to those that don’t.

36.6 %

gain in chase efficiency

Boosted chase efficiency: customers using the recommended chasing times feature are required to send 1 less payment reminder compared to those that don't.

6.9 %

reduction in wait time

Faster replies: The typical waiting time for a reply for those who use the recommended chasing times has decreased to just 2.4 days compared to those that don't.

Reach customers when they are most likely to pay

 By harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, Chaser revolutionizes the invoice-chasing process by offering recommended chasing times tailored to individual customer behaviors. Through the analysis of extensive data, including historical payment patterns, Chaser generates personalized suggestions on the optimal times to send payment reminders. This intelligent strategy ensures that businesses reach their customers precisely when they are most likely to engage, significantly increasing the likelihood of prompt payments and reducing delays in the overall payment cycle.


The key features of recommended chasing times include the strategic scheduling of payment reminder emails and SMS messages to maximize visibility, allowing businesses to align their communication with customers' preferred payment times based on past behavior.


The innovation extends beyond static recommendations, as Chaser's system continuously analyzes and adapts to evolving customer behaviors. This ongoing analysis ensures that the recommended chasing times stay current and effective over time, adapting to changes in payment patterns. This dynamic and data-driven approach positions Chaser as a powerful tool for businesses seeking to optimize their invoicing processes and enhance the efficiency of payment collection.


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