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40 politely-worded templates to get invoices paid

Make it easy for your customers to pay you with payment portals

Get paid on time by making it as easy as possible for your customers to pay you. Remove most barriers to payment by including a secure payment portal link in your invoice payment reminders.


Get paid sooner with a customer payment portal

Provide your customers with a customer billing portal, where they can monitor their accounts payable and pay you instantly.



Providing payment links in your invoice reminders makes it easy and convenient for customers to pay without having to navigate to a separate website or system.



Embedding payment options within an invoice reminder email reduces the time it takes for a customer to make payment, speeding up the payment process.



Payment links help reduce errors in the payment process, as they can pre-fill details like the payment amount, reducing the risk of input mistakes.

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Provide payment links on your invoices with a customer invoice portal

Make it convenient for your customers to pay you by giving them access to a dedicated payment portal in every invoice. This reduces your admin time as you don't need to send (or resend) invoices.

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Send effective payment reminders

Let customers pay you instantly from a direct link in their email or SMS payment reminders. This makes it easy and convenient for your customers to pay their outstanding invoices.

payment portal link in SMS payment reminder

Customer view of all owed and paid invoices

Provide your customers with a self-service customer payment portal so that they can make payments and view, in real time, how much they owe you and when payment is due.

Customer payment portal view

Multiple payment options

Offer your customers multiple digital payment options, making it easier and faster for them to complete outstanding payments owed to you. Use our payments tools to offer flexible payment methods. Take direct debit payments and offer multiple payment options including payment plans, Apple Pay, open banking, credit cards, and more.

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How to set up a payment portal with Chaser in four simple steps


Create a Chaser account

Sign up for a 10-day free trial with Chaser just using your name and email address - no credit card required.

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Set up your payment portal

Navigate to ‘Manage’ then ‘Payment Portal’. Insert your logo, bank details and connect your payment provider.


Preview your payment portal

To check or add details to a portal, go to ‘Receivables’ and select a customer. Click ‘ Payment Portal’ to add notes for your customer, then click on the link to preview their portal.

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Add portal links to your templates

Go to ‘Templates’ and click on the template you’d like to edit. From the ‘Placeholders’ menu on the right, click 'Payment Portal' to insert it and click ‘Save’. Payment Portal links will then be sent to all customers that receive this template!


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Chaser helped us reduced our debtor days by 60%

Very happy from the start. Helpful onboarding team, easy to implement, and very happy with the results, reducing our debtor days from 60 to approximately 24 in a matter of months.

Ravi Kesari

Director at Wren Accountancy Services Ltd


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SMS payment reminders

Send payment reminders via text massaging


Credit checking

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