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40 politely-worded templates to get invoices paid


Your clients need your guidance on where to go when debt grows and payments are overdue

Grow your practice by helping your clients get paid faster. By joining this program, you can provide your clients with a valuable tool to help them manage their accounts receivables more efficiently, saving them time and money.


Why choose to partner with Chaser?

Accountants and their clients can benefit greatly from an accounts receivables automation tool like Chaser.

For you


Improved client relationships

By referring Chaser to your clients, you can help them improve their accounts receivable processes, which can lead to better cash flow and financial stability. This can strengthen the accountant-client relationship and build trust.


Increased efficiency

Chaser automates the accounts receivable process, which can save time and reduce workloads for clients. This can help them focus on other important aspects of their business, such as sales and operations.


Reduced errors

Automating the accounts receivable process can help reduce errors, helping clients to maintain more accurate financial records.


Improved cash flow

Chaser can help clients improve their cash flow by sending automated overdue payments reminders to customers. This can help to reduce the time it takes for customers to pay their invoices and improve overall cash flow.


Access to real-time data

Chaser provides real-time data on the status of invoices, which can help clients to make more informed decisions about their finances.


Marketing support

As a partner, you will gain access to Partner Central, where you can download marketing templates and guides, free of charge, to help promote good accounts receivables management to your clients.

For your clients


Improved accounts receivable process

Chaser can help your clients to improve their accounts receivable process by automating the invoicing and payment reminder process. This reduces the time it takes for clients to get paid and improves overall cash flow.


Increased efficiency

By automating the accounts receivable process, your clients can save time and reduce the workload of manual invoicing and payment follow-up.


Improved cash flow

Chaser can help your clients improve their cash flow by sending automated reminders to customers about overdue payments. This can help to reduce the time it takes for customers to pay their invoices and improve overall cash flow.


Greater transparency

Chaser gives your clients visibility into their accounts receivable process, including which invoices are outstanding, which payments have been received, and which payments are overdue.


Everything you need to go to market and support clients with Chaser

Take advantage of pre-made webinars, co-branded brochures and guides, promotional graphics, and social media posts to improve credit control and enhance client engagement.

Chaser works with over 300 partners to support their clients with accounts receivables automation

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Talk to us about becoming a Chaser partner

Learn about partnering with Chaser today and start improving your client relationships, increasing efficiency, reducing errors, improving cash flow, and accessing real-time accounts receivables data.