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40 politely-worded templates to get invoices paid


Collect payments automatically with Chaser and Stripe

Bring revenue in faster and streamline your billing process by letting customers pay via Stripe and using automation and AI to enhance your debtor management process.

400+ happy customers

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Automate your payment and credit control processes

Say goodbye to complex payment management and hello to a streamlined process. With Chaser’s integration with Stripe, you can easily accept card payments and direct debits, making it simpler than ever to get paid on time. Stripe is seamlessly integrated into Chaser’s accounts receivable automation tool, designed to help you protect and bring revenue in faster.

  • See which debtors will pay late
    See predictive AI-generated analytics on which customers and invoices are likely to be paid late, so you can focus your efforts. Credit check and get monitoring alerts on your debtors, so you can protect your revenue.
  • Chase via multiple channels
    Send payment reminders linking customers to their Stripe Payment Portal via multiple channels including email, SMS, and posted letters. Schedule automated debtor phone calls, or make and record manual phone calls in Chaser. 
  • Let debtors pay via their dedicated Payment Portal
    Give every customer access to their own portal to view all paid and overdue invoices. Let them make instant payments via Stripe or set up a direct debit, and download relevant documentation in one place.

Get invoices paid on time with Stripe and Chaser

See how the integration between Stripe and Chaser will help you reduce manual work in your accounts receivables process, and take customer payments with ease. 

Make it easy for your customers to pay you

You and your customers can increase payment speeds, reduce manual work, and avoid confusion around payments by using the Payment Portal, when you integrate Chaser and Stripe.


Let customers pay you instantly from a customised portal containing all of their invoice and payment information. Offer customers multiple payment options with the click of a button from their payment reminder messages.


Customers can make instant invoice payments through the portal via credit card, debit card, via bank transfer, or opt to pay you via direct debit.


How to connect Chaser and Stripe


Start your free Chaser trial

Sign up for a 10-day free trial with Chaser just using your name and email address - no credit card required.

Chaser trial form how it works screenshot

Login to Chaser

Keep an eye out for your confirmation email, create your password, and login to Chaser.



Go to ‘Manage’ then ‘Payment Portal’ in your Chaser account, and select ‘Connect with Stripe’. Finalize setup and select your payment accounts.

Connect with Stripe

Add Payment Portal links to your reminders

Go to ‘Manage’ then ‘Templates' and add ‘Customer: Payment Portal’ placeholders to your payment reminder templates in Chaser


Get Started

You are ready to start collecting payments automatically with Chaser and Stripe.

Payment - portal - stripe

About Stripe

Stripe is a leading payment processing platform that helps businesses of all sizes manage and accept payments over the internet. Millions of companies of all sizes use Stripe online and in person to accept payments, send payouts, automate financial processes, and grow revenue. Stripe handles billions of dollars in transactions annually and supports over 135 currencies.


With Chaser and Stripe, you can take your accounts receivable and payment process to the next level—streamlined, automated, and efficient.


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A 15-minute call could save you 60+ hours a month on receivables

Over 10,000 users worldwide rely on Chaser to get paid faster, protect their cash flow and maintain good customer relationships.


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