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Advance the chasing of unpaid invoices in Sage Business Cloud Accounting by using Chaser to better personalise, schedule and track your receivables.

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Why use Chaser for Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Chaser syncs all your Sage invoices so that you stay on top of what is owed and collect payments on time.


Make it personal

Use Chaser to personalise your invoice reminders, so that they look like they’ve come from you. Adapt emails depending on who has the relationship with the customer.


Schedule reminders at the best time

Reminders can be scheduled at different intervals throughout the invoicing process and can be tailored to different customer groups, such as good or bad payers, with a unique template that you customise with your own branding.


Track your debtors

See at a glance all emails sent and replies received for each invoice and customer. Save time searching through inboxes. Update the tracker with any notes from phone calls to keep your colleagues in the loop.

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How to connect Chaser and Sage Business Cloud Accounting

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Sign up for a 14- day free trial (no credit card required) by entering your name and email here.

Login to Chaser

Keep an eye out for your confirmation email, create your password, and login to Chaser.


Connect to Sage by selecting from the options, and enter your Sage user credentials.

Get started

Follow the easy instructions in our 6-step quick-start guide in the app.

To ensure you're always operating with the most up-to-date info, Chaser securely syncs data with Sage automatically before every reminder is sent, every hour, and on demand.

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Here's how Chaser boosts Sage Business Cloud Accounting for effective credit control

Multiple chasing schedules with unlimited reminders
Emails sent from your own email address with your exact email signature
Automatically thank customers for payments
View all replies and responses to your reminders
See if and when payment reminders have been opened and who opened them
Escalated senders and recipients
Automate Monthly Statements
Insights into your customer’s payment behaviour
Customer payment portal
Slide right to compare

About Sage Accounting

Sage Accounting is a type of cloud-based accounting software. It allows you to quickly and easily create and track invoices, track cash flow, accept payments, record transactions, automate admin, capture expenses, and much more.

It’s designed for small business owners (supports unlimited users) and sole traders (with or without staff) operating in any industry, including professional services, construction and retail.

You can use Sage Accounting either by yourself or with collaborators. It’s easy to give access to multiple users, including an accountant (if you have one). You don’t need any previous experience with accounting software to get started. You can also add additional features like support for payroll.


What they’re saying

Here are just a few kind words some of our customers are saying about Chaser.

Stuart Hurst
Director, Accounts & Leal
"A very easy to use app, that's very clever at chasing debts. We've seen an improvement to debtor days almost immediately. ..the customer service and support Chaser offer is superb, can't praise them highly enough".
Sharon Pocock,
Md & Principal Accountant, Kinder Pocock
"This is such a good add-on. I truly believe that Chaser emails are sent with a little bit of magic. Even though I regularly used to send statements from Xero, the Chaser emails have had a far greater response, clients apologising for not paying sooner! It has definitely improved credit control, and the ‘thank you’ email when clients have paid is a lovely touch."
Emma Fox
Founder & Md, Fresh Financials
"Chaser has really changed the space. Several other apps have appeared in the market since Chaser - even Xero has its own invoice reminders. For us, though, Chaser is the one with the features we need. And at a great price, and with a great team supporting it, why would we ever change?"
Nathan Keeley
Partner, Mha Carpenter Box
"Chaser is very easy to use and implement which is to a large extent down to the support we have received from Chaser in terms of training and initial implementation. We see Chaser as an important tool to support both our clients using it directly and allowing us to offer to outsource the credit control function of our clients businesses."
Paul Bulpitt
Co-founder, The Wow Company
"The experience of Wow clients with Chaser has been very positive - with almost immediate results. The functionality Chaser offers is a complete personalised debt chasing solution - if you're serious about managing your cashflow, Chaser is a no-brainer really.."
Emma Chesson
Head Of Online Services, Kreston Reeves
"What really impressed me about Chaser is the ability to automate the credit control process whilst still managing to keep the personal touch. This alongside the full CRM functionality helps give transparency, and reduce time and human error. We are excited about offering our clients Chaser."
Paul Lodder
Partner, Sagars Accountants
"The benefits to businesses, accountants and their clients that Chaser brings is huge. If you were only going to look at a few apps make sure this is one of them."
Steven Kühn
Director Technology Solutions, Azets
"For us, Chaser is best in class for credit control. Chaser has that singular focus on credit control, which obviously reflects itself in the product. The feature set is fantastic"..."Having a healthy cash flow is absolutely essential for every business, and we saw that Chaser makes an instant positive impact for our clients."
Will Farnell
Founder & Director, Farnell Clarke
"Farnell Clarke LOVE Chaser! We started using Chaser as a precursor to rolling out to our clients. The results… we banked £3,792 within an hour of the first chaser cycle. The team are awesome. Always ready to help and make our lives as easy as possible."

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