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Recover aged receivables faster with our insights and expertise.

Don't write off bad debt without trying to use a friendly collections service tailored specifically to your business.
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We're here to help your business

Although small and medium businesses are the hardest hit by late payments and a volatile economy, there was no existing solution for getting their trickiest invoices paid. Traditional debt collection can be expensive, time-consuming and aggressive. When it comes to late payments, no one understands this better than Chaser.

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You are in good hands

Protect your customer relationships and your reputation

Customer relationships are the cornerstone of your business, but you need to ensure that you’re getting paid. We aim to secure payment in an agreeable manner, without putting a strain on your relationships with customers. As an experienced and professional debt collection agency, we know that a proactive and sensitive approach often yields the best result. We strive to:

Handle your requests well and with care

Recover your debts in a timely manner

Retain the business relationships you have with your customers

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Chaser-Protect your customer relationships and your reputation
Chaser-Recover more compared to traditional agencies
Easily collect your debts online

Recover more compared to traditional agencies

Stop accepting late payments and writing off bad debt as just another part of doing business. No handover needed as all information is stored within your Chaser account. Use Chaser to monitor the collection process and ensure you receive your money as soon as the debt is recovered.

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Submit multiple collection cases

Stay updated on the collection progress 24/7

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Chaser-Recover more compared to traditional agencies
Fair, transparent pricing

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Chaser Collections is priced separately from our credit control functionality, so you only pay for what you use. We offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional debt collections agencies.
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"Being able to escalate an overdue invoice directly within the Chaser app has revolutionised our debt collection procedure. We’ve had payment from 4 customers in just a couple of weeks of using Chaser Collections, and all communication has been handled in an extremely professional manner. This is especially important to us during these difficult times. The Chaser Collections team also makes sure I’m always kept in the loop. I’d definitely recommend this service."

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Learn how to recover more compared to traditional debt collection agencies

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How it works

Start escalating to Collections in three simple steps

Create a Chaser account

Note: Chaser Collections is available for invoices issued in Pound Sterling (£) only. Minimum escalation value of £250.

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Sync with Chaser

Sync with your cloud accounting software and add any relevant notes about overdue invoices.

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Start collecting

Escalate invoices to Chaser Collections

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Legal proceedings

Where necessary, through our legal partner we provide full management of the legal and insolvency process

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Ready to get started?

Improve your debt recovery today.
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