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40 politely-worded templates to get invoices paid

Protect your revenue and your customer relationships with debt collection services

Stop writing off your revenue as bad debt and receive what you are owed, try no-win no-fee debt collections that won't damage your customer relationships with Chaser.

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We recovered $19,000 in old debts that we would have otherwise written-off

Chaser Collections have become an integrated part of our weekly and monthly credit control process. Before using Chaser, we could spend 2-3 days each month on credit control activity, with no guarantee of receiving a response or payment.

Tom Hays

Head of Finance, Huttie Group

The essential guide to collections for credit controllers

We’re sharing our guidance on collections for credit controllers! This guide ensures any credit controller is well-equipped on how to avoid bad payers, and what to do when payments stop.

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Zero-risk debt collections

Your Chaser debt collection service is no-win-no-fee, so you only pay a small percentage fee when your debts are successfully collected.

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Monitor debt collections efforts

Debt collection within Chaser involves Chaser's debt collectors communicating with your debtor to inform them of their outstanding debt and requesting payment. This can be done through letters, SMS, phone calls or email, and can be tracked by you in Chaser.


Send debts to collections in one-click

Old debts can be sent directly to the collections team from your Chaser account, which contains all debtor communication and contact details - no lengthy handover needed.

Quote debt collections

Reduce bad debts

Your experienced debt collection team at Chaser helps you get your most difficult, late-paying customers to engage and pay their bad debt.


Meet your friendly debt collections team 

Know your reputation and customer relationships are in safe hands, with your professional debt collection team working towards efficient, agreeable solutions with debtors on your behalf.


We’ve had payment from 4 customers in just a couple of weeks of using Chaser Collections.

Being able to escalate an overdue invoice directly within the Chaser app has revolutionised our debt collection procedure. All communication has been handled in an extremely professional manner. This is especially important to us during these difficult times. The Chaser Collections team also makes sure I’m always kept in the loop. I’d definitely recommend this service."

Phil Edwards

Owner, Vanilla Accounting

No win no fee, transparent pricing 

Only pay when your debts are successfully collected with no-win-no fee pricing.

View instant, upfront quotes in your Chaser account on what your collection fee will be, should your debt be collected. Unlike traditional agencies, Chaser debt collections prioritizes transparency and has no hidden costs.



Protect your revenue and your customer relationships with debt collections today 


Create a Chaser account

Chaser Collections is only available for invoices issued in Pound Sterling (£) by UK-based businesses, with a minimum escalation value of £250.

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Sync with Chaser

Sync with your cloud accounting software and add any relevant notes about overdue invoices.


Start collecting

Escalate outstanding invoices to Chaser Collections.


Legal proceedings

Where necessary, a legal partner can provide full management of the legal and insolvency process.


Did you know businesses write an average of 8% of their revenue off as bad debt? 

Sacrificing your business’ income and accepting bad debts as part of ‘business as usual’ is simply not good enough. You deserve to be paid for your work. 


Today, getting paid what you’re owed does not need to mean damaging your customer relationships. With Chaser debt collections, professional debt collectors will work towards agreeable solutions with your debtors to ensure you receive what you are owed; whilst protecting your customer relationships.


Chaser debt collections use a no-win-no-fee approach, so you have nothing to lose. Trust Chaser’s friendly and integrated debt collections team to handle your outstanding debts efficiently and respectfully. Don’t let bad debt be a part of your business routine.

Choose Chaser, and safeguard your revenue.



A 15-minute call could save you 60+ hours a month on receivables

Over 10,000 users worldwide rely on Chaser to get paid faster, protect their cash flow and maintain good customer relationships.