Get started with Chaser in just 5 steps

Review the templates

Templates provide the content of the chasers that are sent to your customers. In this step, you will review the eight default CHASER templates to ensure that they match your communication style.

Completing this step should take no more than 10 minutes.

Review the content of the templates

  • Navigate to Manage > Templates. You will see a menu with a list of the eight default CHASER templates.
  • One by one, select each of the templates from the menu and read through the text, making sure that it fits your communication style. If not, you can modify it in the text editor.

Add placeholders to your templates

  • You will notice some tags enclosed in < > symbols and highlighted blue; these are called placeholders. They are dynamically replaced by information specific to your company, the customer or the invoice that you are chasing. For example, in each chaser, the placeholder <invoice_refnum> is replaced by the reference number of the invoice being chased.
  • When you edit a template, the list of available placeholders is visible on the right of the text editor. Hover over each placeholder to read more information about it.
  • To add a placeholder to the template, place the cursor in the correct position inside the text editor. Then, click on your chosen placeholder from the list on the right.
  • Once you've finished editing your template, click Save template above the text editor.

PRO TIP: You can attach to your chasers a copy of the invoice and/or a customer statement. Use the checkboxes underneath the main text area on each template's page to enable or disable the attachments.