Get started with CHASER in just 5 steps

Set your chase day and time

CHASER allows you to set both the day and the time in which your chasers are sent. You'll most likely set your chase day and time to be soon after you’ve performed your bank reconciliation in your accounting package. This will remove the risk of chasing invoices that your customers have already paid.

This step should only take 2 minutes to complete.

Pick your chase day(s) and time

  • Navigate to Manage > Timings.
  • Select your preferred chase time from the menu.
  • Click on your chosen chase day.
  • There is no need to click Save on this page. Your settings are automatically updated every time you make a selection.
  • Before your set chase time, we will automatically refresh your information from your accounting package. This ensures that we only chase the invoices that are still unpaid.
  • To receive a summary of the invoices that we are going to chase on your set chase day, enable Forewarning in Manage > Email.

PRO TIP: You can select multiple chase days by holding Ctrl- (Windows) or ⌘- (OSX/macOS) while making your selection.