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How SAS reduced their clients' days sales outstanding by 75% with Chaser

Hear how Sterling Accounting Solutions are wowing their clients with Chaser's credit control software.
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Sterling Accounting Solutions (SAS) are building one of the UK's leading accountancy firms to enable entrepreneurial businesses to grow. Their young, dynamic, and fast-growth firm specialises in business planning, advisory and support services for ambitious SMEs.

Read on to hear how Chloe Scott, Virtual Finance Team Manager is helping her clients reduce their debtor days by 75% and why SAS choose to use Chaser for their own debt chasing too.

The problems

As part of their comprehensive virtual finance services, Chloe was taking care of credit control for her clients at SAS. She was spending hours every week manually chasing their debts and often got no response from the clients' customers. 

Without a suitable debt chasing solution in place, Chloe had to manually track all of her clients' debts and her chasing activity in spreadsheets. As a cloud-based company themselves, this was impractical and far from ideal for SAS.

One of their clients was a medical electrical manufacturer who previously had no structured credit control process in place. They had 120-day debts for most of their clients, their payment reminder emails weren't getting responses, and clients simply weren't paying. The majority of their clients' customers were NHS hospitals, and particularly with COVID-19 hitting, it was especially challenging to collect payments from them.

After seeing the software's functionality during a demo on how Chaser works with Xero, Chloe fell in love with Chaser's cloud-based chasing software. As Xero's leading credit control app partner, Chloe decided to implement Chaser for her clients right away.

Setting clients up on Chaser

Chaser's partner team helped Chloe onboard her first client, and she found the process so simple that she chose to onboard the rest of her clients herself!

With its seamless integration to Xero, Chloe had all her clients set up on Chaser in no time:

"The seamless, automatic communication between Chaser and Xero makes using Chaser effortless - it just keeps itself up to date! We now have a live view of all of our clients' debt positions at the touch of a button.”

The impact

Now she's implemented Chaser for her clients, Chloe will never look back! 

"Team SAS cannot recommend Chaser enough. It has massively aided the debt chasing process for our clients. I rarely have to log into the Chaser portal, which shows just how efficient it really is.

We were so impressed with how personalised the automated chasing is that we now use it internally to chase our own clients."

Among the client success stories, SAS was able to reduce their medical electrical manufacturing clients' days sales outstanding from 120, down to 30 days - a 75% reduction, despite the COVID-19 pandemic at the time.

Chloe's time spent chasing for clients has gone from over five hours per week to less than one hour per week, as Chaser takes care of it automatically for her. Instead of using manual spreadsheets to track her debt chasing activities, Chloe now uses Chaser's Receivables CRM, which automatically keeps track of all chasing activities, including customer replies, in one central location for each of her clients.

Through their partnership with Chaser, SAS have been able to deliver exceptional value to their clients whilst spending a fraction of the amount of time they used to on their credit control:

"Like us, Chaser are forward thinking and are continuously trying to find ways to make clients lives easier, whilst still ensuring the quality of their service.

Their default email templates are fantastic, and the automatic thank you for paying emails add a nice touch. Our clients have received an increase in customer activity and responses, with the average pay turnaround decreasing dramatically."

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