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New Release: Mentioning Users

Even if you’re a credit control maverick there will always be times when you need a colleagues input to get invoices paid. Collaborating in credit control is essential to making sure the right person is on the case, and that they have all the information they need to chase payment.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the ability to mention and notify other users in invoice notes! Whether it’s asking a manager for help, directing a colleague to give an invoice extra attention, or requesting important information, mentions make teamwork easy!

Using @mentions

You can mention other users in notes on the ‘invoice page’. Simply navigate to the ‘invoice page’ by clicking on the relevant invoice number within Chaser. You can then put a note against the ‘invoice history’ by clicking the ‘add note’ button.

To mention a user, type the ‘@’ symbol to bring up a dropdown menu of current users within Chaser! You can then either select a highlighted user with the enter key, or keep typing to narrow down the search.

Using @mentions
Mentioning a user will send them an email notification with the attached note and a link to the relevant invoice. It will also trigger a notification in their notifications panel, allowing them to quickly address the invoice by logging into Chaser.


Using mentions in your workflow

Mentions are the best way to work collaboratively on credit control. You no longer need to disrupt your colleagues at inopportune times, or cause friction by messaging them on unrelated channels. Mentioning your colleagues makes certain the correct people are notified about tasks relevant to them. Allowing them to deal with cases at an appropriate time and ensure no invoices are forgotten.

For managers, this allows you to stay informed about the most pressing invoices by instructing associates to notify you of progress on problematic cases. It also allows you to more easily assign tasks and direct other users attention by flagging invoices that need special attention, or that you have key insights on such as a personal relationship with the customer.

For credit controllers, you can ensure the correct team member is dealing with an invoice, and inform relevant team members about the results of a call. Similarly, you can let your managers know progress on key invoices that have been raised as problematic.

Mentions can also help when you run into cases where you’re unsure how to proceed. You can mention a relevant user to ask for additional information or request help about a disputed invoice. If you haven’t already, it’s a great idea to invite your sales team to be users of Chaser. This will allow you to easily flag invoices that require their intervention, and allow them to see how the invoice has been chased thus far.

The Chaser Report, Reminders & Mentions

The trifecta of workflow management. You can add notes, reminders & mentions straight through the Chaser Report. This allows you to keep information up-to-date about each of the invoices that you’re actively following up, and remain on-top of future tasks related to them using reminders. With the addition of reminders, you are now armed with the ability to keep the correct parties informed and on-task. You can do all this, without disrupting your workflow and needing to navigate away from the report!

The Chaser Report

Managing your notification settings

Everybody has preferences when it comes to managing their workflow. That’s why we allow you to choose whether you receive notifications for reminders and mentions via email for the organisations you belong to.

To do so, simply navigate to ‘My Account’ then ‘Notifications’ and use the checkboxes to select when you’d like to receive emails. Remember, you will always receive notifications via the notifications panel accessible by click on the grey bell in the navigation bar.

New Releases

June has been a big month so far! We’re constantly improving upon the features we’re releasing, so we’d love to hear from you!

If you have any suggestions or feedback please let me know at ben.king@chaser.io.