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40 politely-worded templates to get invoices paid

New Release: ChaseFeed has landed!

New Release: ChaseFeed has landed!

22nd of August, 1642 - Civil War in England began between Royalists & Parliament 22nd of August, 1914 - Canada's Finance Act, 1914, receives assent

It hasn’t been a great day in history… until now…

22nd of August, 2017 - ChaseFeed lands, changing the face of credit control (and possibly the planet) forever.

The best credit control functions live at the intersection of automation and human-driven management. The amazing benefits of automatically chasing can only thrive under great people piloting the function to success. That’s why we’re thrilled to put you firmly in the credit control cockpit with the release of ChaseFeed!

ChaseFeed is a powerful, intuitive dashboard used to assess and manage your chasing activity. Whether you're a foot-soldier on the front-lines of collecting payment, or a financial director checking in on progress; ChaseFeed helps you get the most out of the limited time you have to invest in credit control.

What is ChaseFeed?

ChaseFeed is your credit control command centre. It is designed to help you improve your automatic chasing, target problematic invoices and stay informed about recent chasing related activity.

The ChaseFeed dashboard will be your new landing page when logging into Chaser. It is split into three, easy-to-use modules; ‘Upcoming Chase’, ‘Last Scheduled Chase’, and ‘Recent Events’.

What is ChaseFeed?

Facebook’s NewsFeed might be good for seeing which of your friends are on holiday, but Chaser’s ‘Recent Events’ actually provides useful information. Offering a stream of recent activity that’s flowing in and out of Chaser, keeping you closer than ever before to your chasing progress. The ‘Upcoming Chase’ and ‘Last Scheduled Chase’ modules provide useful summaries of your chasing activity, populated with actionable links so that you can easily review and improve your chasing.

Reviewing your chasing

Reviewing your automatic chases before they’re sent is an often-forgotten step in maintaining the effectiveness of your credit control function. Characterised by scrambling to ensure the correct invoices are being chased after a forewarning email lands in your inbox.

With ChaseFeed, users such as Sarah at SQ Digital (one of our trusted beta testers) now log into Chaser before their scheduled chase to see an easily digestible summary of their ‘Upcoming Chase’. This allows her to quickly identify ‘unchaseable’ invoices and easily click-through to input the required information. The chasing summary updates in real-time so you can make sure your next chase is in top-shape before it goes out!

With ChaseFeed

Setting-and-forgetting is a dangerous precedent to set in automation, and reviewing your upcoming chase is only half of the story. Assessing your last scheduled chase as an after-action review keeps you informed about the health of your chasing. The ‘Last Scheduled Chase’ module compiles a summary of your most recent chase, showing how many invoices received payment and whether or not chasers have bounced. Additionally, it is a great way to identify difficult-to-collect cases, before they become problematic.

Targeting problematic cases

Identifying problematic cases early is paramount to keeping your debtors down. Using ChaseFeed, users such as Jon at Butt Miller now use the ‘Last Scheduled Chase’ module to identify cases where chasers are not being opened. This provides a ‘hit-list’ of invoices that may need their contact details changed, or escalation beyond email chasing.

Targeting problematic cases

At Chaser, when chasing our own invoices we use the ‘Upcoming Chase’ module to identify invoices that have reached the end of their schedule, so that we can escalate them to receive a phone call. This allows us to prioritise our workflow in terms of who needs calling the most, when we have rare breaks from building brilliant software!

Staying informed

Knowledge is power in credit control. With so much going on in Chaser, it is easy to miss key information that could be the difference between getting paid, and not. The ‘Recent Events’ module in ChaseFeed gives you an up-to-date feed of information flowing into and out of Chaser. Making it easier than ever to focus your attention on areas of your function that may require human intervention.

Users like Sam at Interworks keep a close eye on ‘reply’ and ‘response’ events within Recent Events, so that he can easily see when progress has been made on a conversation without needing to wade through the accounts inbox. While Rebecca at Oscar Research uses ‘Recent Events’ to stay up-to-date with her colleagues’ work and remain informed about disputed invoices through viewing recently added notes.

Staying informed

Recent Events also keeps you informed about customers flowing into Chaser, and new contacts being added for customers. Users like Kier at Hirespace, use this to make sure the correct contact is being chased as they will often add new contacts within their accounting system.


ChaseFeed will be continually evolving and growing as we design it to suit our users needs, so if you have any feedback or requests please do get in touch! We’d love to hear from you!

A Special Thanks!

Special thanks to our Chaser Champions, who made the development of ChaseFeed possible through their testing and feedback as our dedicated Beta testers. If you’re interested in becoming involved in development as a Chaser Champion, please get in touch at ben.king@chaser.io.

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