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Chaser Celebrates: 2023 virtual Christmas Party

Chaser Celebrates: 2023 virtual Christmas Party

It's that time of the year again, and at Chaser, we're embracing the festive spirit in a virtual setting! From the Ukraine, Philippines, Portugal and all around the UK, the Christmas Party at Chaser is one not to miss!


As a fully remote team, we make it a priority to recognize even the smallest victories and celebrate each holiday season with flair. This year, our teams joined forces to organize a spectacular Christmas party for our entire global team, building on the success of last year's virtual festivities.


Chaser christmas party



Chaser Awards


At the culmination of our celebration, we hosted the second edition of the Chaser Awards, honoring and appreciating the outstanding contributions of our employees. The evening began with the presentation of the Chaser Value Awards, acknowledging our team's dedication, followed by lighthearted awards that had everyone in stitches, providing the perfect conclusion to our virtual Christmas bash.


Employee of the Year: Oliver - Product Data Analyst

Oliver made a significant impact on our data-driven approach, offering valuable insights into both product and business. He played a pivotal role in our AI initiatives, such as Recommended Chasing Times, Payer Ratings, and the Late Payment Predictor.  Oliver has progressed to taking a lead role on our upcoming AI feature release, which will introduce a forecasting tool for our customers. His contributions have brought positive changes for our customers and he has been called out specifically in customer reviews for his outstanding support. He is a pleasure to work with, he is genuinely passionate about his work and eager to take on new challenges. Oliver's support extends across the entire business, encompassing marketing campaigns, customer initiatives, and empowering the team to make more data-driven decisions.



We Celebrate: Joey - Customer Success Executive

Joey, our Customer Success Executive, was recognized for his infectious enthusiasm and unwavering positivity. Joey consistently approaches every meeting with a glass half full, uplifting the entire team. Joey plays a significant part in our culture - being a huge contributor to our team meetings and company-wide stand-ups, driving team engagement and enjoyment in each. Joey is keen to celebrate not only the success of his teammates, such as Isaque our newest CSE during his training but also in customers' success, helping them to drive success in their accounts receivables process, sharing key stats and stories using data.




We are Candid: Tiago

Tiago is one of our software engineers, known for his honesty and insightful opinions. Not afraid to share his opinions and always comes from a good place. His clarity on business matters elevates our decision-making process.

His honesty and openness make our team better every day. His candid approach is a true inspiration, creating an atmosphere of trust and collaboration. Well-deserved!




We are Courageous: Manfredi

Manfredi, our Product Owner, is fearless and proactive. Manfredi has demonstrated an exceptional level of courage by bravely venturing into a new career path in product. Manfredi truly understands the needs of our users and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. In his short time in the role so far he has shown how valuable and impactful his transition will be for Chaser and for our customers. Manfredi takes full ownership of and takes pride in the tasks that he takes on. He delivers work above and beyond the specifications provided and is a pleasure to work with.





We Care: Inga

Inga, our Senior Marketing Executives, was recognized for her caring nature and her ability to lighten the mood. Inga is always the first to reach out if something seems amiss and goes the extra mile to bring joy to the team. She goes above and beyond to ensure her team members are supported, frequently offering her time and support despite having a large workload to ensure the whole commercial team can meet their goals. A true team player, Inga embodies the spirit of Chaser's 'We Care' value.




Chaselings Awards

The Chaselings Awards, our version of the Office Dundees, brought an abundance of laughter and camaraderie to our virtual workspace. Team members were recognized with a delightful array of awards, showcasing the fun and quirky spirit of our Chaser family. 

Categories ranged from "Most Likely to Get Caught Skinny Dipping" to "The Human Robot," injecting humor and playfulness into the fabric of our remote team culture. This lighthearted celebration allowed us to appreciate the unique personalities and quirks that make each team member special. 

As we crowned winners for these whimsical awards, it reinforced the sense of connection and shared joy that defines our Chaser community.

The Chaselings Awards were not just a recognition of work accomplishments, but a testament to the bonds and shared experiences that make our team a truly exceptional and vibrant community.Pedro award

Amaya award

Catarina award


Christmas Gifts


Before the main event, our party planning committee spent December preparing personalized boxes with Christmas gifts, funny props, and delicious treats at our CEO's house. These boxes were shipped internationally to team members in the UK, Portugal, the Philippines, and Ukraine.



















Lunch party


Following the preparations, we indulged in a pizza party, with everyone ordering from their favorite local spots. As we enjoyed our pizzas, we shared amusing stories and engaged in online games, creating a memorable experience for all.





Virtual team building activity


Our Virtual Holiday Season Cocktail-Making TV Game Show Party added a unique touch to the celebration. Combining cocktail-making with interactive game shows, the experience allowed teams to bond while competing for the title of game show champion.



















Closing remarks


This year's virtual success was made possible by our incredible team, whose enthusiasm and willingness to embrace challenges played a crucial role. 


We extend our gratitude to our customers, partners, investors, and shareholders for their support, making it possible for us to achieve and celebrate together. We look forward to what the future holds. 


Cheers to a fantastic year ahead!


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