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step 1 collecting money
  • Stage 1
  • Emails, calls, texts, letters
  • 5-15% commission of the invoice/s value
    Example: Commission of £50-£150 will be charged on a £1,000 invoice
  • Maximum commission is £10,000
step 2 collecting money
  • Stage 2
  • Letter before action
  • Up to +1% added to Stage 1 commission
    Example: Additional commission of £10 will be applied, bringing the total cost to £60-£160
  • Maximum additional commission is £100
step 3 collecting money
  • Stage 3
  • County Court Judgement application; court action; subsequent collections as required
  • 30-50% commission of the invoice/s value
    Example: The total cost for collecting the £1,000 invoice would be £300-£500
  • No maximum commission

At every stage, Chaser Collections is 100% no-win no-fee


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The minimum value for escalation is £500.

Your account manager will advise when an invoice should be moved to the next stage.

You have no obligation to continue with the escalation past Stage 1.

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