Working at Chaser

What we’re doing

Chaser was started to transform the way in which businesses sell on credit to their customers. Our qualified Accountant and Finance Director experience led us to conclude that there must be a better way to carry out the essential business process of credit control.

We are developing and delivering the market leading SaaS solution; powered by big data informed intelligence, automation and artificial intelligence. We are transforming a process that has seen minimal technological innovation to date. In doing so we are helping businesses make better decisions about who to grant credit to, take the best chasing actions to boost their cashflow and save time.

Our progress to date

We’re really proud of the impact our product is making: an average 16 debtor day reduction equivalent to a cashflow boost of $22k for each $500k of payment terms turnover. Money that a business is then free to invest in growth; in creating new jobs.

We were delighted to be named as one of the Future 50 of Britain’s most disruptive new businesses and also receive their Friend To Business award. We are incredibly proud to have been recognised as Xero's App Partner of the Year in 2016, from among their 500+ add-on ecosystem. We are also very fortunate to be backed by top venture capital and angel investors.

About us

We are a warm, dedicated and focused team. We’ve never built a company before. We know there are lots of things we don’t know. And we’re incredibly excited about working with great people to figure them out.

We believe in providing great people with the freedom and empowerment to flourish. We are humble and meritocratic. We care about the quality of ideas. Not where they came from. At the same time, we set the bar really high for ourselves. This is the only way we will be successful in our wildly ambitious mission.

We can only achieve our mission by working with truly spectacular people. From experience, these will be people who are motivated by the prospect of being instrumental in building something really important, and who are drawn by the unrivalled opportunity for personal learning and growth they will have at Chaser.

Law of averages dictates that working at Chaser is likely not for you, which is fine. Best to save your and our time. However, if after reading all of this, you’re excited rather than intimidated by the prospect of working at Chaser, then we’d absolutely love to hear from you!

Current open roles

We’re currently recruiting for the following roles:

We're not currently actively recruiting. However, we are always on the look out for great people so please do get in touch at