5 SMS Payment Reminder Message Samples To Chase Invoices

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    5 SMS payment reminder text message samples to chase invoices

    Are you having trouble getting customers to pay their invoices on time? If so, you're not alone. Many businesses struggle to get paid on time, in fact, the average business owed $300,000 in late payments and wastes 14 hours every week following up and reminding customers about these late payments (QuickBooks).

    One of the best ways to follow up on these late payments and get through to your customers is via SMS payment collection chasing. SMS messages have an open rate of 98% (Tyntec), meaning payment reminders sent via SMS are more likely to get noticed and to result in your invoice getting paid. In this blog post, we will give you five polite SMS payment reminder samples for you to remind your customer via text, each with its own text message payment reminder SMS template. Alternatively, download an extended guide of 20 polite SMS payment reminders here.

    Personalization is key in making sure customers take notice of your SMS payment reminders, so your SMS reminder samples are built from two parts:

    ■ Normal Text

    ■ [Placeholders]

    Normal text is outside of brackets and stays the same across all reminders. Placeholders are within square brackets “[ ]”, and signify where adapted text may go, e.g. [Your business name]

    Gentle reminders before the invoice is due

    One of the best ways to make sure you get paid on time is to send a friendly payment reminder SMS before the invoice is actually due. This will give your customer a chance to take care of the payment without any late payment fees or interest charges.

    1 - Early payment reminder SMS sample

    Dear [FIRST NAME]

    Your invoice for [amount] is due by [due date]. Please click [payment URL], call us on [your phone number] or email us to pay. 

    [Your business name]

    Use gentle SMS reminders like the sample message above to gently remind customers of their upcoming invoice payment and ensure everything is on track. Supplement your SMS payment reminder message with a polite before due email reminders too for maximum effectiveness, so that your customer has been reminded via multiple channels.

    SMS payment reminder examples for overdue invoices

    When it comes time for your SMS message to go out after the due date has passed and your client hasn’t paid, it’s important to be firm and professional in your payment reminder SMS.

    CM-202209-20 Polite Sms Payment Reminder Messages - blog ad banner

    2 - Early overdue payment SMS reminder

    Your invoice for [amount] is overdue by [overdue days]. Please click  [payment URL] or call us on [your phone number] to pay. 

    Thanks, [Your business name]

    As your invoice is now overdue, we suggest following up on this email with an accounts receivables phone call to ensure there are no major factors preventing them from making payment, before this invoice becomes further overdue.

    If your invoices are frequently becoming overdue, try persistently following up but ensure you always remain polite and personalised in your SMS payment follow-ups. Try these 20 SMS payment reminder messages in a PDF guide, covering every invoice chasing situation.

    Medium overdue invoice reminder text message

    If your invoice is more than 10 days overdue you want to increase the sense of urgency whilst remaining polite in your SMS reminder, send the below message to clients to encourage timely payment.

    3 - Late payment reminder text message sample

    Your invoice for [amount] is overdue by [overdue days] days. Please click  [payment URL] to pay or advise us on [your phone number] when we can expect payment.

    If many of your invoices are reaching the medium overdue stage, it may be worthwhile encouraging faster payments with techniques like early payment discounts, or discouraging late payments with late payment fees

    Late overdue SMS reminder example - payment plan

    Once your invoice is over 30 days overdue, you may want to provide alternative payment options, such as payment instalment plans to encourage your customer to pay. Your customer could be experiencing cash flow problems so this is a good way to offer them support whilst ensuring you come to a reasonable solution to receive what your business is owed. 

    4 - Payment plan reminder text message example

    Dear [FIRST NAME], your invoice for [amount] was due [due date]. Contact [your phone number] urgently to discuss and agree a payment plan if required. Thanks, [Your business name]

    If your business is consistently needing to offer payment plan options to clients who are struggling to pay, consider updating your payment terms and accounts receivables policy to request down payments or partial payments upfront. This can help to alleviate the cash flow strains caused by late payments and ensure you have the guarantee of some of your costs being paid upfront.

    Polite payment reminder SMS - debt collections

    If you have had no luck with offering a payment plan and your customer still hasn’t responded regarding payment - we recommend escalating your invoice to debt recovery. Remain polite whilst letting your customer know that this step is being taken, and ensure you do your research, understand the dos and don’ts of debt recovery,  and select a reputable provider who can recover debts whilst protecting your client relationships. We suggest giving your customer an advance warning to make payment before passing their invoice on to debt collections.

    5 - Debt collections SMS message example

    Your invoice was due [due date] and will be passed to debt collections in [number of days] days. Please contact [your phone number] urgently to discuss. Thanks, [Your business name]

    Ensure that you send an official debt collections letter alongside this sample SMS payment reminder, so you can provide full details on the action that will be taken if your customer fails to pay following this reminder. Also carefully consider the best time to escalate your invoice to debt collections, so that you don’t jump the gun and jeopardize customer relationships when your customer may be in a tough spot financially - but so that you can also avoid detrimental cash flow impacts in your own business.

    If you are frequently sending your payment reminders via text, try these 20 best practice SMS payment chasing templates, developed by accounts receivables experts.

    The benefits of SMS payment reminders

    These samples of SMS payment reminders are a great way to encourage faster invoice payments without damaging your customer relationships. By implementing these SMS payment reminder sample messages into your invoice chasing process, your business can experience a number of benefits such as:

    Get invoices paid faster - By making invoice payments seamless for customers. If you have a payment portal or payment gateway linked within your SMS payment reminders, clients can make payments in just a few clicks via their SMS message, allowing them to pay you instantly.

    Reach customers with ease - Cut through the noise and reach customers on-the-go by sending payment reminders via SMS. By sending payment reminders to their phone, you can reach customers more efficiently, and get invoices paid faster.

    Save time - With automatic SMS payment reminder scheduling you won’t waste any time following up with customers manually. All of your SMS messages can be automated with customizable templates and schedules, to ensure you save time without losing the personal touch. 

    Improve customer experience - Keep customers informed on what is due when easily via SMS, and remove payment friction for clients with SMS payment reminders that link directly to their payment gateway. Instantly thank customers for payments via SMS automatically.

    Immediate delivery - SMS messages are likely to be read within just five minutes of being received, making them an immediate form of communication. Instead of relying on emails that may go unseen, SMS provides a more direct line of communication.

    High open rates and response rates - On average, people receive double the number of emails per day than they do SMS messages. Due to the sheer volume of emails, your customers receive every day, payment reminders via email can sometimes get overlooked. In fact, the average open rate for emails is just 25%. The open rate for SMS, on the other hand, is 98%.

    CM-202209-20 Polite Sms Payment Reminder Messages - blog ad banner

    Automatically personalize your SMS payment reminder sample messages 

    The SMS payment reminder samples in this guide have been developed to cover a variety  invoice chasing situations whilst remaining polite and professional. These “best practice”  templates were developed by Chaser, the market leader in accounts receivables automation, which has been supporting businesses with payment chasing since 2014 and has helped businesses across the world chase and recover over USD 10 billion in late payments by January 2022.

    When you use Chaser’s accounts receivables software, the above SMS payment reminder samples can be pre-loaded onto your account and placeholder (i.e. [square bracket]) fields are automatically personalized for each recipient. This means every payment reminder looks like it has come directly from you.

    You can customize SMS messages with automatic ‘placeholder’ personalisation fields (like business name, due date, invoice amount) and use fully editable SMS templates that reflect your normal language and style of communication with customers. View full benefits and capabilities of SMS payment reminders in Chaser in this fact sheet. Or request access to SMS payment reminders in Chaser.


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