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Working remotely in the French Alps! ⛰️

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TLDR; Best decision I've ever made! If you're thinking about doing it. Do it!

In November 2018 I decided to leave Edinburgh and continue my career remotely. I joined a start-up in London called Chaser in the hope I could progress my skills as a software engineer but also fulfil my passion for snowboarding over the winter.


And guess what... for the last five months I've been doing just that. Deciding to work remotely has had the following affects: I produce more work, I'm far less stressed, I sleep better and I learn way wise; amazing! But what about the snowboarding, do I get time for that?

I live about five minutes from the slopes of Porte-Du Soleil...


It's MASSIVE and YES I get lots of time to ride! I ride every weekend, I ride at lunch and I've even ridden at night! There's a great community of people here and we're all united through our love for the outdoors.


I'm so invested in this remote gig in the Alps I even bought a truck. You don't need a 4x4 to get about though, I travelled most of the season in a van. The van got stuck three times and once had to be hoisted out of a parking spot by the Gendarmerie (rural french police)...oops! 😂

This is the view from my window in the morning...


And this is a shot of me in the Snowpark...


Apart from regularly having to dig your car out of the snow, or when there is a high avalanche risk warning, or you go for Cheese Fondue and have to roll yourself home like a wheel of's the best place I've ever lived and all because I can work remotely.


But the winters nearly over, what are you going to do when all the snow is gone!? I live in the French Alps! As soon as the winter is over, the bikes come out and it starts all over again on two wheels! Après-bike anyone?

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