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5 things you don’t want to miss at Accountex London 2024

5 things you don’t want to miss at Accountex London 2024

Are you planning to attend Accountex London 2024? Chaser is excited to be exhibiting at this year's event, which is set to take place on Wednesday, May 15th, and Thursday, May 16th at the Excel. 

As the leading event in Europe's accounting and finance community, Accountex London is the perfect opportunity for businesses to connect, learn, and discover new technologies to enhance their financial processes. The event aims to provide a platform for industry professionals to share knowledge, insights, and best practices, and to showcase the latest technology and innovations in the finance sector.

After the success of last year's Accountex London, the Chaser team is looking forward to meeting finance professionals, accountants, and bookkeepers from all over Europe, and showing them that having an optimised credit control process doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming.

Whether you're looking to streamline your processes, enhance your knowledge, or discover new tools, here's a rundown of five standout experiences you shouldn't miss at this year's event.


1) Learn how to get your revenue in faster

Cash flow management is essential for any business, and effective handling of accounts receivable is key to securing your financial health. At Accountex London, you and your team can visit Chaser’s stand, 720, to see firsthand how the accounts receivable software can revolutionise your revenue collection processes.

Chaser offers a robust suite of features that automate and streamline every aspect of your accounts receivables. Visit Chaser stand to see live demonstrations of how tools like automated email and SMS payment reminders, auto-calling, and payer rating can enhance your collection efforts, and bring your revenue in faster. You’ll also discover the convenience of Chaser's payment portal, which facilitates easier and faster online invoice payments by your customers.

2) AI and automation in accounts receivables – a game-changer for finance teams and their accountants

On Wednesday 15th of May at 1 pm, Charlotte Gill and Amaya Woods from Chaser will hold a presentation about AI and automation in accounts receivable.

Discover how AI and automation are transforming Accounts Receivables in finance. This session explores their role in reshaping finance teams’ operations, from invoicing to payment reconciliation. Two AR experts will discuss the benefits and challenges of these technologies, sharing success stories and insights on optimizing cash flow and efficiency. We’ll also cover the necessary skills and mindset for finance professionals to thrive in this new era. Join us to learn how AI and automation are not just game-changers but catalysts for innovation in finance and accounts receivable management.


The presentation will take place in Practice (Theatre 12) and is not one to miss. Follow this link to learn more and see which other presentations you should attend. 

3) Discover Chaser's Partner Central

Chaser's Partner Central is a client engagement hub for accounting and bookkeeping partners. Partnerships are built on trust and information, which is why Chaser created Partner Central, a partner resource centre comprising a suite of over 30 (and growing) resources to help partners further improve their clients' credit control and accounts receivables processes, enhance client engagement and go to market with Chaser.

At Chaser's stand, you can learn more about Chaser's Partner Central and the resources available to accounting and bookkeeping partners. You can also speak to Chaser's partnership team to discuss how you can work together with Chaser to help businesses get their revenue in faster. 


4) Attend CPD-accredited seminars

Professional development is a continuous journey, and Accountex supports this with a variety of CPD-accredited seminars. These seminars cover a broad spectrum of topics, from tax legislation updates to advanced bookkeeping techniques. Each seminar is designed to not only provide valuable information but also to count towards your annual CPD requirements. They are conducted by experienced professionals who bring practical insights and actionable advice. Be sure to plan your schedule in advance by reviewing the available seminars here to choose those that best suit your professional growth needs.

You can see all seminars here: https://www.accountex.co.uk/london/events/


5) Meet with Chaser's credit control experts

Credit control is a critical aspect of financial management. At Accountex London 2024, you'll have the chance to meet these experts face-to-face, discuss your specific challenges, and learn best practices in credit management. Chaser’s specialists can offer tailored advice, from optimising your credit policies to implementing effective follow-up strategies. Their expertise isn't limited to using Chaser's tools—they can provide broad guidance that applies to various aspects of credit control, making your business more secure and financially sound.


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Book a meeting with Chaser 

Accountex London 2024 promises to be a rich source of knowledge, networking, and new technologies for finance professionals eager to advance their careers and enhance their business operations. Don’t miss the opportunity to book a meeting with Chaser at the event to discover how Chaser's software and services can help you streamline your processes and improve your bottom line. 

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