Announcing ChaseAcademy - the Virtual Credit Control Service incubator for Accountants and Bookkeepers

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We’re thrilled to introduce a new Virtual Credit Control Service incubator- ChaseAcademy!

Over the past year, we have been developing a revolutionary programme that educates and empowers Accountants and Bookkeepers to offer Virtual Credit Control as an outsourced service to their SME clients.

Now, it is ready to share with the world.

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The Virtual Credit Control Manifesto

Before there were computers. Before there were cars. Even before there was electricity. Goods and services were sold on payment terms. It was an incredible innovation. It enabled businesses to do and sell more. It enhanced peoples’ wealth and peoples' standard of living.

But smaller businesses have been left behind. Those businesses who lack the scale to have a dedicated finance team. For them, selling on payment terms has become a broken experience. Overdue invoices straitjacket their growth, cause untold stress and lead to needless business failures.

At Chaser, we have a dream. A dream that all businesses, regardless of size, can play on the same payment terms playing field, freed from the shackles of late payment. And that it will be their Accountants and Bookkeepers who work with us to deliver Virtual Credit Control as a service to those businesses. Together we will bring about this new world, this better tomorrow, this new birth of freedom for small businesses to grow.

What is Virtual Credit Control?

  • An outsourced credit control service offering which cloud accounting firms deliver to their SME clients

  • For those SME clients who don't have the resources or expertise to manage their credit control effectively themselves

  • Providing an additional profitable revenue stream for your practice, by charging for this revolutionary service.

  • Differentiate your practice from more conservative firms.

  • Increase client loyalty and gain a competitive advantage to win new business.


Announcing ChaseAcademyChaseAcademy is a 12-week remote incubator programme, open to any cloud accounting or bookkeeping firm whether you're a current Chaser partner or not! It is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to help deliver an effective and profitable Virtual Credit Control service. Working with our specialist Virtual Credit Control team, you will be a part of a revolutionary change for both your practice and for your clients. And will learn the secrets of how to turn Virtual Credit Control into a monthly profitable revenue stream for your firm.

Highlights of ChaseAcademy for participating Accountants and Bookkeepers include:

  • Unlimited credit control support from Chaser’s very own Virtual Credit Control Consultants, including onsite visits

  • Interactive weekly webinars and seminars

  • Access to our bespoke Marketing service

  • Exclusive guest speaker series with industry experts. They will be giving their insights on how best to market, position, and add value to your Virtual Credit Control offering. These will include:

    • Karen Reyburn, owner of The Profitable Firm, a creative marketing agency which works exclusively with Accountants and Bookkeepers. Karen is an industry authority on how to market new services. She will be sharing how to successfully market Virtual Credit Control to your existing clients currently struggling with credit control. And how you can leverage it as service to get new clients through the door!
    • Glen Foster, Director, Partner Sales at Xero and Andy Muir, Platform Partnerships Manager, Ecosystem at Xero. The Xero dream team reunite again to deliver a session on the exciting potential that the App Marketplace has opened up for Accountants and Bookkeepers - and how it can be leveraged to remain at the forefront of the industry, blazing a trail with Virtual Credit Control and other outsourced services.
    • James Ashford, Founder of GoProposal and Director of MAP (who are already making great strides with Virtual Credit Control), will be hosting a session with our members detailing how to communicate clearly with your clients about the huge value of Virtual Credit Control. He will cover how to set clear but exciting expectations about what they can expect from the service. And how to position it so that both you and your clients get the most out of it.
    • Matt Flanagan, is an App Advisory Educator with a wealth of knowledge on the actual how-to of implementing apps to build out a new service offering, like Virtual Credit Control! Our members will get actionable, in the trenches advice on how to set up the service internally.
  • On-site set up and ongoing software support

So, what's the catch?

There’s no catch! We require no monetary contribution from participants. All we ask is that you commit to set aside a half-day per week for ChaseAcademy activities.

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ChaseAcademy is here to develop a new wave of cloud Accounting and Bookkeeping providers, who wish to offer this unique, cutting-edge service to their SME clients. Taking care of all their credit control needs, virtually.

If you have any questions, please email or call us on 020 3624 5449.

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