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Faster invoice payments for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users, with Chaser’s easy to use receivables automation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users can now benefit from faster invoice payments with the leading accounts receivable software, through Chaser’s latest integration. Business Central users can optimise their accounts receivables process with the Chaser and Dynamics 365 Business Central integration, that offers user-friendly, easy to use receivables automation.

This new integration makes it easy and affordable for organisations on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform to automate their accounts receivables and credit control processes. 

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Businesses connecting Chaser to their Dynamics 365 Business Central systems will be able to easily carry out automated invoice payment chasing without losing the human-touch. This process alone saves Chaser’s current customers up to 15+ hours weekly and reduces days sales outstanding (DSO) by 25% or more. 

Chaser for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central features and benefits include:

  • Quick, fast and easy-to-implement cloud-to-cloud integration between Dynamics 365 Business Central and Chaser.
  • Automated and personalised invoice payment chasing, that looks ‘hand typed’ by the sender
  • The two-way sync reconciles payments in both Chaser and Business Central, so that paid invoices are no longer chased.
  • Automated “thank you for paying” emails for customers who have paid. 
  • Reduced credit control and accounts receivables management time and fewer errors
  • Chaser makes it easy to track all overdue and outstanding invoices per customer, seeing all payment chasing activity in one place
  • For the toughest cases, invoices can be escalated within the Chaser application direction to Chaser debt collection services
  • Users can send their customers a payment link or gateway called the “Payment Portal” within invoice reminders to encourage payments on the spot.

Late payments are a growing cause of concern for business leaders, with a 209% increase in the number of late payments noted since the pandemic was declared (CPA, 2020). Chaser’s new integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central provides more small and medium businesses with a cost-effective solution to late payments, that protects their customer relationships whilst helping them get invoices paid sooner. 

Ready to get invoices paid sooner with easy-to-use receivables automation?

Find out how thousands of businesses are saving time and optimising their receivables processes with easy-to-use credit control automation in this 20-minute webinar for Business Central users.

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