5 features in Chaser to change the game in 2021

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    Credit control & accounts receivables

    5 features in Chaser to change the game in 2021

    I understand that chasing money can be sensitive, but I also know that you deserve to be confident that you’ll be paid for work that’s been carried out. Built with this in mind, Chaser helps you strike the perfect balance between maintaining and improving customer relationships while also giving you the tools to ensure that all invoices are paid as easily as possible. 


    Here are the 5 features I’ve picked out to use in 2021 to make your accounts receivable process as straightforward and efficient as can be: 


    Customer payment portal 

    They can’t find the right card, the invoice is lost, it’s someone else’s responsibility….I’ve heard it all before, and I’m sure you have too. These issues are time-consuming and ultimately delay payment. 


    Link directly to the customer payment portal in your chasing emails so customers can make payment there and then, without any excuses. Customers will now be able to see all information relating to outstanding debts and explore alternative payment options if needed. 


    With a direct integration to Xero, these invoices will be automatically reconciled, saving you valuable time and streamlining the AR process.


    Reports section 

    Understanding how and when your customers pay is so important. Chaser’s “customer insights” report has been built to help you make smarter decisions when chasing your customers. 


    See how long it takes different customers to pay, and adapt your schedules to make sure that you’re chasing them when it’s needed most. 


    Easily filter by those that are stubbornly ignoring your emails and take a more direct approach to the way you chase. 

    Escalated senders 

    Send in the big guns. Our mantra is “polite persistence pays” but for those that are stubbornly leaving invoices unpaid, some voices are more insistent than others.


    If after 30 days you’ve received no response then it’s time to put your foot down and escalate who sends the chasing email. In my experience, sending on behalf of the CEO or creating a legal@company.com email address to deliver the invoice can be incredibly effective to ensure payment - and with a link to the payment portal in the email there aren’t any excuses! 


    Chaser Collections 

    So you’ve done everything by the book, and still an invoice hasn’t been paid. Although it’s annoying when it happens we know that sometimes it still does. Chaser caters for this unfortunate eventuality and in two clicks you can send the invoice to be collected on a no-win, no-fee basis. 


    Thanks to the inbuilt CRM, the Chaser crack team can see the history of the invoice and will take into consideration any customer quirks to effectively collect long due payments. 


    With the built in notes section, you can easily communicate with your dedicated account manager and are in the loop every step of the way. 


    It’s a new year, so don’t start it with old debt. Send your unpaid invoices from 2020 to Chaser Collections and let our experienced debt recovery team do the hard work. 


    Full CRM 

    Keeping track of invoices has never been easier. Chaser gives you and your team full visibility of every invoice. Check to see the last time a customer and invoice was chased, the next chasing message as well as if, when, and by who it was opened. 


    Drill down into the detail of both the customer and the invoice. Something in dispute? No problem, mark it as so and leave a note against it to ensure that you and your team know how to handle it moving forward. 


    Have you had confirmation of the payment date? Pop this new date against the invoice and automate a reminder to follow up again if your customer hasn’t kept their word.   


    And that’s my top 5 Chaser tips for the new year! 


    I work with Chaser users from the moment they sign up and have seen all sorts of different businesses successfully adapt their Chaser account to perfectly align with and improve upon existing processes. Drop me a line on amy.jordan@chaserhq.com if you’re interested in automating your A/R process. 



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