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Digital Accountancy Magazine names the top tech to look for in 2021

Digital Accountancy Magazine names the top tech to look for in 2021

Chaser is pleased to be featured in Digital Accountancy Magazine's 2021 list of Top Tech to look for in 2021. 

It’s no great insight that many businesses are having a tough time right now. What may be surprising is the impact of COVID-19 on business’ accounts receivables. An estimated 209% rise in overdue invoices has been calculated since the start of the pandemic.


Even in good times it’s important to maintain consistent cash flow and avoid wasting time chasing money, especially for smaller businesses. What we learned after the 2008 crash is that when a recession comes around, getting paid on time is more crucial than ever.

Businesses spend, on average, 336 hours per year manually chasing the payment of invoices.

But it does not have to be that way. Using Chaser, you and your clients can automate manual chasing by sending automatic and highly personalised payment reminders for overdue invoices, helping you get paid 16+ days sooner without losing the human touch.

Chaser is designed to help you and your clients carry out effective credit control and boost cash flow.

Whether you’re an accountant acting on behalf of your client, a business owner, finance director or credit controller, a massive amount of time is saved using Chaser because we let you:

  • Stop wasting time chasing the payments of invoices by automating it instead.
  • Automatically consolidate all communications on chasing and payments in one place, so you never chase a payment twice, or forget to chase a payment!
  • Maintain the human element of chasing, with automated personalisation and reminders that always look hand-type.


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