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Chaser releases Ephemeral Credit Control Communication, SnapChase

Chaser releases Ephemeral Credit Control Communication, SnapChase

It's a momentous day for us here at Chaser as we announce a major new product release: SnapChase - Ephemeral Credit Control Communication.

SnapChase is a revolutionary new ephemeral credit control communication. Emails that vanish from Chaser, your inbox and your customer's inbox within 24 hours.

In commenting on this momentous release, Chaser's Founder and CEO David Tuck said:

"It's a huge day. People take credit control so seriously. They forever talk about the critical importance of the communication audit trail. We wanted to make a drastic change from that and really make credit control light and fun. Will SnapChase improve the chances of getting your invoices paid on time? Highly unlikely. Is it a responsible move on our part as the market leaders in credit control software? Almost certainly not. Will it make for an exciting and above all unpredictable experience when it comes to your credit control? Definitely. And that's what we felt was really missing from credit control today. In SnapChase, we believe we have the solution.”

One of Chaser's huge differentiators has always been the way that we automatically log all communication in the chasing process, so anyone involved in credit control could access it at the click of a button. But previously you had to log in to Chaser to view the complete audit trail. That is a thing of the past. Because with SnapChase that audit trail won't exist. It will be like you never chased at all. At Chaser we talk about our 3 Ps: Polite Persistence Pays. Well today we're excited to supplement that with the acronym EPPPEB - Ephemeral Polite Persistence Pays Even Better.

Early feedback from beta testers has been incredible. We've had some amazing suggestions for where we take SnapChase next. We're already working on the next stage: SnapChaseFace. SnapChaseFace combines bleeding edge AI, machine learning, sentiment analysis and image recognition. You will be able to take a photo of yourself, animate it according to how overdue an invoice is and then include it in your chasing message. So, for example, you as a friendly unicorn or rabbit for before due, a slightly menacing villain for overdue and an angry devil for extremely overdue final stage before legal action.

Snap Chase Face

It's an exciting time to be a Chaser user!

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