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How fashion wholesaler Love Brands save 15 hours per week with Chaser

How fashion wholesaler Love Brands save 15 hours per week with Chaser

Love Brands

Love Brands is a multi-brand and award-winning fashion distributor based in London, in their sleek showrooms overlooking the River Thames.
Read on to find out how Rossana, Credit Control Manager at Love Brands saved over 15 hours per week with Chaser’s market-leading credit control software.

Born in Milan, one of the big four fashion capitals,
Rossana Vittorielli is the Credit Control Manager at Love Brands Ltd, an independent European distributor of fashion, accessories and lifestyle products.

Their dilemma

When Rossana arrived at Love Brands, they had previously relied on external contractors to run their Credit Control and she was tasked with setting up their internal credit control processes for the very first time. 

Having been used to working in a larger team of Credit Controllers, she was now part of a team of just two. Business was booming, the invoices were coming in fast and keeping up with their workload manually was no longer feasible...

Rossana believed that there must be a way to automate some of the more tedious aspects of credit control, so she started doing some digging. 

They used i.LEVEL stock management software to generate their invoices, which then automatically moved across to Xero. Initially, Rossana hoped that she could use this software to send automated invoice reminders to her clients, but having no luck there, she decided to look into alternatives.

After speaking with Xero, she was highly recommended to try out Chaser; a market-leading Cloud credit control software company. After a browse on our website, she decided to start a free trial

Making the switch to Chaser

With its seamless integration to Xero, connecting to Chaser was easy and Rossana started seeing the benefits immediately:

“I love how flexible Chaser is. It is easy to use, has great results and I’ve been really impressed by how easy it is to adapt the settings to our continually changing needs. We have saved at least 15 hours per week, and that’s me being stingy”.


7 months later...

Rossana has become one of Chaser's greatest advocates! 

"Chaser is a must-have tool for me now. It allows me to save a lot of time and the response is great!...5 stars, just because I cannot give 6."

Love Brands has always maintained great relationships with its customers. So much so that Rossana’s customers regularly call her up for a chat. Through Chaser’s personalisable invoice reminder templates and schedules, Rossana was able to maintain the vitally important personal touch when automating invoice reminders to her customers.

Love Brands is now transitioning to a new refactoring company and once that is completed, Rossana looks forward to updating her new schedules and templates in Chaser. She will no doubt continue to be a real Chaser success story and an advocate for automated credit control.

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