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Improving Chaser's Schedules

Improving Chaser's Schedules

Schedules are the engine room of Chaser and their flexibility provides a huge amount of control over how you can chase your invoices. Using more than one schedule means that you’re able to automatically chase groups of customers and invoices in completely different ways: from modifying frequency (using chasers), through to changing the senders and recipients of your chases (via escalation) and the tone and content of your messages (by assigning different templates).

Until now we’ve given every new Chaser account a Master schedule, to which new customers were always assigned, and which couldn’t be deleted or renamed. However, there’s no inherent reason why a single schedule should be more important than all others, considering that you’ll typically want to handle some of your customers differently from others.

So we’ve improved Chaser by replacing the concept of a Master schedule with a default schedule. Your default schedule has similar behaviour to the Master, in that all new customers are automatically assigned to it, but it provides a greater level of control. In particular, the default schedule can now be renamed and, most importantly, you can change your default schedule at any time. This means that if a new schedule is giving you great results, you can easily set it as your default without having to manually replicate your chasers or transfer your customers. To avoid any confusion and for consistency with this new approach we’ve renamed all schedules in Chaser previously called “Master schedule” to “Schedule 1”. This has no effect on their behaviour or how your customers are chased.

New schedules screenshot

We’ve also been working on the way you make new schedules. During the creation process we now give you the option to select an existing schedule to act as a foundation, allowing you to use this schedule as a starting point from which to build. We still give you the option to create a blank schedule, which is useful if you have customers whom you may want to avoid chasing altogether, such as those on direct debit.

Feel free to get in touch at support@chaser.io if you have any feedback or questions. We always love to hear from you!

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