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FreshBooks users can now use the leading accounts receivable software

FreshBooks users can now use the leading accounts receivable software

FreshBooks users can now benefit from the leading accounts receivable software, following Chaser's new integration with the accounting platform. Small and medium businesses using FreshBooks can now optimise, schedule and track their receivables with ease.

Businesses that connect their FreshBooks account to Chaser will be able to easily carry out automated invoice payment chasing without losing the human touch. This process saves Chaser’s current users up to 15+ hours weekly and ensures that no unpaid invoice slips through the cracks. For a full run-through of the integration and features, join the webinar for FreshBooks users here.

SMEs are the hardest hit by late payments, with 48% of all invoices they issue paid late in the average month (Xero and Paypal). As of early-2019, the average SME had over $50,000 in outstanding receivables. This has a knock-on effect on cash flow and means problems paying suppliers, covering operating expenses and growing their businesss.

Chaser's mission is to create a world where all business can have the confidence that they will get paid for their work, and through the new integration with FreshBooks more businesses can share this confidence. 

FreshBooks users can now carry out automated invoice payment chasing without losing the human-touch, ensuring each payment reminder looks like it was hand-typed whilst saving up to 15+ hours per week.

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With the new FreshBooks and Chaser integration, users can expect to see:


Easier, faster payments 

  • FreshBooks and Chaser users can give all customers access to a dedicated Payment Portal where they can view all of their invoices and choose to make payments through a variety of options

Payment plans

  • Offer flexible payment plans with the amounts and intervals you choose to customers, and chase installments with ease

Advanced scheduling

  • Create multiple schedules to chase different customer groups, such as long term clients and bad payers, and select the best times and days to send your payment reminders

Keep track of every interaction

  • Easily keep track of all communications, including customer replies in Chaser's receivables CRM

Work with the most recent FreshBooks data

  • Chaser syncs with FreshBooks every hour and before any payment reminder is sent, so you are always working with the most up to date information

Make smarter decisions with insights

  • View a reports and insights on the health of your receivables, customer payment behaviour and risks
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