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40 politely-worded templates to get invoices paid

Faster invoice payments for FreeAgent users with Chaser

Faster invoice payments for FreeAgent users with Chaser

FreeAgent users can now benefit from the leading accounts receivable software, with Chaser’s new integration with FreeAgent. Small and medium businesses can optimise their accounts receivables process with the Chaser and FreeAgent integration, that uses human-like receivables automation. 

Small and medium businesses are the worst hit by late payments, with £23.4bn worth of late invoices currently owed to SMEs across Britain alone. With the economic impacts of the pandemic, late payments and the problems they cause for businesses are only becoming worse, with the CPA noting a 209% increase in the number of late payments since the World Health Organisation declared the pandemic. These late payments can have a crippling effect on small and medium business’ cash flow, their ability to accurately forecast, and their ability to grow as a business.

After receiving numerous requests from FreeAgent small business users to develop an integration with the Chaser application, we jumped on the opportunity to deliver it as quickly as possible to support more small businesses during a critical time. 

Chaser’s integration with FreeAgent allows businesses to optimise and better personalise their receivables process, whilst saving time.

FreeAgent users can now carry out automated invoice payment chasing without losing the human-touch, with advanced personalisation, making each payment reminder look like it was hand-typed and sent directly by sender, and reflecting their regular email address.

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Furthermore, with customers who may also be struggling for cash flow - sometimes chasing all customers in one way isn’t the best way to encourage payment. Chaser allows unlimited custom scheduling with as many payment reminders as you need, which you can adapt to different groups of customers (for instance, you may want to take a more sensitive approach chasing long-term clients compared to your continuous bad-payers).

These processes alone are saving Chaser’s current customers 15+ hours weekly and ensure that no invoice slips through the cracks. Not only do business owners improve their chances of being paid, but they can actively track and optimise their accounts receivable process through Chaser’s in-app reports, CRM feature and insights.

With the newly-released Payment Portal in Chaser, FreeAgent users can also provide all of their customers with a dedicated portal where they can choose from multiple payment options to pay their invoices, view all paid and due invoices in one place, and download relevant documentation. The Payment Portal means less time on back and forth payment administration and easier, faster invoice payments for FreeAgent users. 

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