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    The ultimate guide to remote working

    Back in October 2019, the entire Chaser team tried out remote working for 2 weeks - you can see how we found it and what we learnt from it here. In light of Covid-19 and many companies now needing to adjust to the challenges of remote working, we thought we'd re-share our ultimate guide to remote working.

    With 7 tips from our seasoned remote-workers across the globe, we hope this guide can help you make the most out of working remotely:

    1. No pyjamas allowed!

    One tip which everyone agreed on was the importance of a morning routine. Jumping out of bed and hopping to the table in your pyjamas sounds awesome, but this will make you less productive. Wake up, have a shower and get dressed. It’s important to keep the same routine as if you were working in an office.

    We all know that it takes a little while for our brains to get into action, in the morning. So take the time to get ready for the day!

    And coffee helps. A lot!

    Don’t blur the line between work and home

    2. Don’t blur the line between work and home

    When your home is your workplace it’s very easy to blur the boundaries between work and play. One of the most frequently suggested tips was to set yourself working hours, and fully switch off (literally) when the working day is done.

    Routine is the solution! Set a time for the workday to commence and finish, just as you would in an office environment. Obviously, if you have an important looming task or deadline to meet, by all means, put the time in. But, generally, when the clock strikes 5:30, close your laptop. Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you have to work 24/7.

    3. Make sure to take time away from the screen

    Even throughout the working day, take a break!

    When your brain starts to burn out, take the time to do something completely unrelated. Exercise can be great for this, making you feel happier and focussing your efforts on something else. When you come back to your work after this, you’ll have a fresh head and you’ll be way more productive in the afternoon.

    Take a walk outside! It’s easy to spend all day in your home when it’s your office and living space. Getting a change of scenery can be really helpful, making you feel refreshed and getting the creative juices flowing.

    Lunch break greenery

    Lunch break greenery


    4. Communication is imperative

    When you’re not in the same location as your team, it’s easy to lose track of progress and everyone’s work. Check-in with your colleagues. Communicate regularly! If anything, don’t be afraid to over-communicate.

    Always happy

    Always happy to "see" eachother


    5. Use your saved commute time to do something exciting!

    One of the perks of remote working is the absence of a commute! While it seems like a good idea to spend those 35 minutes you’ve saved in bed, you can use your time much more wisely.

    Take the extra time and do something exciting! Learn something new, get some exercise, listen to a podcast, or do some meditation!

    6. Create your dream workspace

    It’s so important to have a workspace that aids productivity. Working remotely gives you the opportunity to work in an environment that works for you. Whether this space is a cafe, a library or your own house, this is one of the joys of remote working.

    It’s important to build a quiet workspace, where you can get some silence and concentrate properly. Try and make this space in an area that is not used for other activities. This will put you in the right mindset for work and make it easier to separate work and play.

    It’s all about comfort, whether you’re at home or in an office. A comfy worker is a productive worker. When working remotely, your chair is in your control!

    7. Find the perfect work companion

    Working remotely can get lonely, and it’s important to remain social! Throughout the day, however, you can turn to man’s best friend - the ultimate work companion.

    Ricardo's trusty work companion

    Ricardo's trusty work companion


    After receiving such great advice from our remote workers, I definitely feel more prepared for our remote working weeks. We’re super excited for #ChaserGoesRemote, and these tips and tricks will help us to be as productive and positive as possible!

    A big thank you to Duarte, Juan, Onno, Pedro, T, Ricardo and Ash, our remote working experts, for the amazing tips.

    Keep an eye out for our #ChaserGoesRemote blog series in the upcoming weeks, to find out what the Chaser team are up to.


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