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How Glaze Digital focus on agency growth by outsourcing credit control

How Glaze Digital focus on agency growth by outsourcing credit control

When Glaze Digital was first founded in 2014, it mainly catered to Northern Irish clients and worked to make their digital presence worthwhile. Over the years, the company has grown to work with clients from around the globe. Its services now also include web development and app development.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Glaze Digital also helped companies move their work to the virtual world and even helped businesses earn zero profits to improve their performance until they generated £50,000 in sales per month.

However, their growing client base came with an operational cost. More clients and projects meant more invoices to issue, process and chase. In Glaze Digital’s case, more business also means more late payments, as over 50% of their invoices were either paid late, required serious action to be paid, or needed to be written off.

Mark and Richard, the two powerhouses of Glaze, didn’t want to spend their time chasing clients to get their payments cleared — time that they’d otherwise spend working with clients or growing their business.

In addition, they didn't want to put the great relationships they'd built with clients at risk by chasing them for payments themselves. For them, mixing relationship building with clients and chasing them for money felt awkward.

With a growing client base their ad-hoc process started to let late payments build up. Glaze Digital needed a new approach to credit control. So, they chose to outsource their credit control function to Chaser after seeing a blog about Chaser's Outsourced Credit Control service on the internet.

As a result, Glaze Digital are:

  • Getting paid an average of 24 days faster
  • Recovering 2+-year-old debts they never thought would get paid
  • Maintaining brilliant client relationships with their friendly dedicated credit controller
  • Saving money from only paying for a credit xontroller for as many or as few hours as they require each month

To see more on how Outsourced Credit Control has supported Glaze Digital, download the case study here.

Outsourced Credit Control

So how does Chasers Outsourced Credit Control work? It’s basically a team of professional credit controllers and handlers that helps weed out your debtors by improving company relations with them and negotiating for more flexible and mutually beneficial payment terms. 

Chaser’s CICM-trained expert team can improve company-client relations, payment turnaround time, and increase task efficiency while reducing the number of due payments, cutting down on hiring costs, and increasing workplace flexibility. In short, it’s making everyone’s job way easier!


The most remarkable development Glaze has seen while employing our remote credit controller is the way their turnaround days for an average payment have been reduced. From 88 days to 64 days — giving a difference of 24 days. 24 days to plan better strategies, revise cost breakdowns, allow more off days to employees, and generally a more relaxed, cheerful work environment!

Glaze Digital also took the assistance of our dedicated debt recovery expert and was able to streamline their cash flow and get payments for which they’d almost lost all hope. For instance, our credited control manager was able to bag one debt payment worth £1,000 that was almost 18 months old!

Besides these amazing results, Glaze Digital director Richard also appreciates the boost in their organizational efficiency. Being a fairly young venture, Glaze Digital has had to face its share of dead ends and failed trials. Chaser’s Outsourced Credit Control, however, has been truly beneficial and productive for them. Moreover, they’ve also been able to secure and retain more clients and improve their relationships with the existing ones too.

All of this, Richard and Mark comment, is a treasure trove lying in plain sight, waiting to be discovered by more companies like them, especially in the virtual realm. Since their journey with Chaser has begun, Glaze has been able to work with both local and international clients without any fear or drawbacks!

See a full summary of the problems faced and results achieved by Glaze Digital.

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