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Life in the fast lane: 365 days as a Success Executive

I’m a graduate…now what?

Discovering Chaser

When I came across the Success Executive role at Chaser, I was an unemployed grad fresh from travelling, pretty unsure about what I wanted to do career-wise. I knew I wanted a role that was varied, challenging and where I could really learn a lot - so I went into my job search with a very open mind.

This role intrigued me. I had no idea at all what Success was (and it didn’t mean anything to my friends and family) and was completely new to FinTech and the world of Cloud Accounting. But I did some research and it ticked all the boxes so I thought that I would give it a go!

I began the job hugely excited, but also pretty nervous. There was a hell of a lot to learn, but Chaser seemed like a really exciting place to be so I couldn’t wait to get started.

What does a Success Executive do?

Being a Success Executive unlocks an astonishing number of opportunities and so far I have had the chance to take on a whole range of things. For example, I’m in charge of managing my own portfolio of Accountant and Bookkeeping Partners across the world. They are critical to the success of our business so it’s an immense responsibility. By taking initiative and developing strategies that are mutually beneficial for us and our Partners, I can have a huge impact on Chaser’s growth.

My responsibilities involve a variety of marketing activities too. From the get-go, I threw myself into important projects that made a real difference for our Partners. This included: creating and running a range of webinars for our Partners and their clients, developing valuable marketing resources, and attending industry events. It's such a great opportunity for me to get creative, bounce ideas around and engage with partners in new ways.

QuickBooks Connect London 2019

With one of our Chaser partners at QuickBooks Connect London 2019

If you also like thinking strategically and putting your commercial brain to use then Success gives you the chance to do that. We’ll set goals with our Partners and identify those with expansion potential to then help them get there. What’s so exciting is that I also get to work closely with the Product team, being the first to test new product changes and then seeing the positive impact those changes have on our Partners and users.

And as if all of that wasn’t enough variety, it’s also really important that I develop our training and education programmes as these influence how effectively our Partners, their clients and our users engage with our software. I think of innovative ways we can onboard and educate to be sure we are meeting our Partners and users needs, as well as enhancing their Chaser experience.

Amazing feedback from a Chaser partner

Amazing feedback from a Chaser partner

So as you can see, the opportunity to do and learn something new here never ends. We’re always busy and I always find a new challenge to get stuck into! What’s more, thanks to working across those areas in Success, and the hugely diverse range of projects I’m involved in, I now have a much clearer idea of the direction I want my career to take.

Where will this take me?

I’m inspired to work globally, and my extensive responsibilities to-date in helping grow our Partner and direct channel is what led me to pursue my interest in expansion. I’m now focused on progressing my career at Chaser into one where I can work in and explore new markets. I’ve been able to work on really exciting, big, global projects that will have a massive impact for us as a company. Crazy! It’s really exciting to think about where my career will go here.

Chaser also has the most amazing culture. We all celebrate each other’s successes, motivate and encourage one another and it’s incredibly rewarding to watch Chaser and the team continue to grow and succeed. There are so many opportunities, it’s just down to you to seize them.

Just a few of our amazing Chaser team members

Just a few of our amazing Chaser team members

We’re looking for another ambitious Success Executive to join our team. If you would like the opportunity to manage your own Partners, take on new projects and develop your skills in a range of areas see the job spec here: https://chaserhq.com/jobs/successexecutive