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Top 7 tips to get the most out of Xerocon Sydney 2023

Top 7 tips to get the most out of Xerocon Sydney 2023

Next week, on the 23rd and 24th of August, thousands of accountants, bookkeepers, and finance professionals from Australia, New Zealand, and beyond will gather for Xerocon Sydney 2023. Often referred to as the 'Glastonbury for Accountants,' this event is a key gathering for Xero users and app partners. It provides attendees with a platform to explore the latest trends, updates, and Xero enhancements, while also creating valuable networking opportunities with peers and Xero experts. If you haven't booked your ticket yet, it's not too late as there are still available tickets.

After attending three Xerocons last year – Xerocon London, Xerocon New Orleans, and Xerocon Sydney – the Chaser team has a few tips and tricks to share with attendees to help ensure that you get the most out of Xerocon.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the scene, this guide is your key to getting the most out of the experience. This article will walk you through seven simple yet powerful tips to make the most of Xerocon Sydney. From planning your days to connecting with fellow attendees, these tips will help you navigate the event and leave you with valuable insights that can boost your practice and expertise.

Tip 1: Do your research

The first step to making the most of it is to do your research. You can enhance your Xerocon Sydney experience by doing some homework before the event. Think of it like studying a map before a journey. Check out the event schedule and find sessions that match what you want to learn. Take a look at the people who will be speaking and the companies that will have booths. This will give you an idea of what to expect and who you might want to connect with. Being prepared helps you make smart choices about which talks to attend, which booths to visit, and who to talk to. This research not only helps you manage your time but also ensures you get the most out of Xerocon Sydney. So, get ready by doing your homework and let your pre-event research be your guide as you explore the world of Xerocon Sydney 2023.

Tip 2: Set clear goals

Secondly, you need to set clear goals. Let's break it down:

Why are you going? Ask yourself why you're going to the event. Are you looking to meet new people in your industry, continue to build your Xero app stack, or learn how to better use Xero's software? Figuring this out will help you know what you want to achieve.

Who do you want to meet? Think about the kinds of people you want to talk to. It could be Xero experts, other accountants and bookkeepers, or Xero app partners. Knowing who you want to meet helps you focus your efforts.

Why meet them? Understand why you want to meet each person. Do you want advice, or maybe you want to work together on something? Knowing your reasons will make your conversations more meaningful.

Setting clear goals helps you know where you're going and what you want to do. So, before you dive into Xerocon Sydney, take a moment to set your goals. It'll make your experience more focused and rewarding, and you'll come out of the event with great results!


Tip 3: Visit exhibitor booths strategically

The exhibit hall is a treasure trove of information and opportunities. Make a list of key exhibitors and Xero app partners you want to speak with and meet, focusing on those that offer products or services relevant to solve your and your client's problems and needs.

Here's a checklist of what to get out of the conversation with exhibitors:

  • Make sure to ask every question you need to in order to completely understand how the app will benefit your firm and your clients, as well as how it works
  • Get a live product demo
  • Ask if there are any special deals or discounts for Xerocon attendees

Some of the Xero app partners you can expect to meet at Xerocon Sydney alongside Chaser are Lightyear, Fathom, Xu Magazine, Dext, and Ignition, to name some. You can see the full list of those exhibiting here

Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 15.45.34
The Chaser team at Xerocon Sydney 2022  

Tip 4: Be comfortable

As you step into the exciting world of Xerocon Sydney 2023, it's essential to keep yourself feeling good all day long and opt in for comfort.

Krissie Chapleo, Head of Success at Chaser attended Xerocon Sydney last year, and emphasises the significance of prioritising comfort: 

"I recommend wearing comfortable shoes, doing regular water top-ups (you can even plan them if needed to stay hydrated), opting for a light rucksack to keep your arms free for swag (nobody wants a handbag affecting their posture on these busy days), and making sure to schedule time for food. It's a significant event, and you'll need fuel to keep your energy up.

Considering that you'll spend the majority of the two-day event on your feet, making comfortable footwear and a light rucksack your top priorities will make a substantial difference in your overall experience.


Tip 5: Connect 

At Xerocon Sydney, connecting and networking are like golden keys that unlock a world of opportunities, and here's how to make the most of it:

Spark conversations: Imagine the event as a big gathering of friends you haven't met yet. Strike up conversations with other people attending, the Xero app partners exhibiting and even the experts who are giving talks. One thing that's always worth asking your fellow accountants and bookkeepers attending Xerocon is what they think of the apps you're interested in. Especially if they're users of the product themselves. You'll get a ground-level insight into what the product is like, from the perspective of someone like you.

Join the gatherings: Lastly, make sure you attend not only the main event but also other parties and get-togethers, such as the side events organised by Xero and their app partners. Amaya Woods, the marketing lead at Chaser attended Xerocon Sydney last year and has the following to say about the gatherings:

"Be open to new opportunities - there are many networking events, drinks, lunches, and meetups that happen alongside Xerocon Sydney. Some of the best conversations can happen at these meetups when you are away from the hustle and bustle of the busy convention centre. I recommend attending all of the extra events you are able to, you can catch people when they're relaxed, able to have an in-depth conversation and not busy running from one place to the next. Some of your most meaningful conversations of Xerocon Sydney can happen at these events"

Keep the conversation going:
After the excitement of Xerocon Sydney, don't let the connections fade away. Reach out to the new connections and friends you made, maybe send them an email or message on social media.

Get social: Connect with others on social media platforms. It's a great way to stay in the loop and exchange ideas beyond the event.

Exchange info: Share your contact details with the people you meet. This way, you can keep in touch even after the event.

Attend the famous Xerocon wrap party: Every year, Xero hosts a wrap party for all its attendees and exhibitors. This party is an opportunity for attendees to relax, unwind, and connect with fellow professionals in a more casual and celebratory setting. This year the theme is "Island Resort" and will feature memorable live music, with a special performance from Sneaky Sound System, and entertainment that will have you on the dance floor. Krissie, Head of Success at Chaser attended three Xerocon wrap parties last year and has some wise words of wisdom: 

"There's a lot to learn and get out of Xerocon, but don't forget to have fun and meet your peers under the guise of networking at some cracking venues. Also, don't forget to dress up for the Xerocon wrap party! Often people are keen to head home, but this is such a fun conclusion to the event and Xero really knows how to throw a party! Make sure you pull out all your stops and dress for this year's theme - Paradiso island vibes - you can find Chaser's team in bright florals dancing the night away (if our feet have survived the show)"

Connecting and networking at Xerocon Sydney is like creating a treasure map of relationships. By striking up conversations, connecting with other Xero users and exhibitors, and attending various gatherings, you're paving the way for future collaborations and a successful event.

Here are some snapshots from last year's Xerocon Sydney wrap party

Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 15.41.26

Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 15.43.01

Tip 6: Attend the showcases and breakout sessions

At Xerocon Sydney, there will be two days packed with content, and Xero's showcases will uncover the full value of Xero. This will equip you and your firm with everything you need to manage your practice amidst the ever-changing demands of the market. Additionally, there will be inspiring guest speakers, including Xero's CEO, Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, Julia Zemiro, Lisa MacCallum, and Sam Elson, to name a few.

Before Xerocon, take time to research the agenda in advance and identify sessions that align with your goals and interests. Prioritize those that offer practical insights, case studies, and expert perspectives. You can find Xerocon's full agenda here 


Tip 7: Capture and apply insights post-event

As the tradeshow wraps up, there's still more to gain from your experience. Think of it like collecting gems on your journey – take a moment to review your notes, materials, and the people you've connected with. Pick out the most important things you've learned and consider how they can make a difference in your accounting or bookkeeping work. Did you find a Xero app partner that can help you solve a problem you're having? Reach out! And don't stop there – reach out to the new connections and friends you've made, explore the resources they've suggested, and figure out how to put your new knowledge into practice. By taking these steps, you're not just gathering information; you're turning it into action and setting yourself, your firm, and your clients up for even more success.

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