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Chaser launches open API, to let users connect any system and automate

Chaser launches open API, to let users connect any system and automate

I am thrilled to share that Chaser has launched a public API (Application Programming Interface), which will provide SMEs worldwide with access to high-performance receivables management tools that can be integrated quickly with any system. Chaser API technology means that regardless of your business’ accounting system, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or CRM, you can now automate your debtor management process seamlessly in Chaser. This launch comes at the optimal time in the midst of a recession where businesses are struggling to get invoices paid.

You can now use Chaser API to connect your chosen system seamlessly with Chaser. Automate your accounts receivables process and get invoices paid faster with Chaser, no matter which ERP, CRM, or accounting system you use.

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As we saw in The 2022 late payments report, the global experience of late payments by businesses is only becoming more severe over time, and in the wake of a potential global recession. By developing Chaser API, more businesses around the world can automate their accounts receivables process, reduce these late payments, and improve their cash flow in the most efficient and friendly way possible.


What is an open API

In technical terms, an open API (often referred to as a public API) is a publicly available application programming interface that provides software developers with programmatic access to a proprietary software application. APIs are sets of requirements that govern how one application can communicate and interact with another (TechTarget).

An API is a software intermediary that works between two applications, allowing them to communicate. In other words, an API is a messenger that takes a request from one system (for example, your ERP) and delivers it to another system (like Chaser). An API contains sets of rules and requirements that dictate how one system can communicate with and interact with another.

How Chaser API works

Chaser API acts as the intermediary between your accounting system, CRM or ERP and Chaser. Requests from your business' chosen system are sent to Chaser API, which delivers the request to Chaser. This means information such as a new invoice being created, a credit note being added, or a payment being made will be passed from your system into Chaser.

What Chaser API means for businesses 

Businesses whose accounting system does not have a direct integration with Chaser were previously able to connect to Chaser by Chase Import, a CSV integration tool. Chase Import works by importing data on invoices, payments and customers from CSV format into Chaser.

The development of Chaser API lets businesses integrate Chaser with their accounting system and other tools in their ecosystem, allowing them to build simpler and faster ways to work. CSV imports and manual processes are no longer required. This means businesses that do not have an accounting system that integrates with Chaser can now benefit from a direct integration with Chaser, via the open API.


Why now

The expectations of customers and users of software have changed dramatically from just a few years ago. Today customers expect easy connectivity for products and services and SMEs, in particular, are choosing integrated software in lieu of traditional ERPs to save on costs. Software is expected to be smart and integrate automatically across software. APIs are enabling these integrations and have become the key to market relevance for many companies.


Key benefits of using Chaser API

  • Integrate Chaser's accounts receivable software with any system in the world, such as your accounting system, ERP, or CRM
  • Reduce all manual work and remove the need for spreadsheets when putting data into Chaser
  • Streamline your accounts receivables workflow by having your systems connected and updated seamlessly
  • Use receivables management functionality within the Chaser software
  • Ensure your data is secure; stay in complete control of what is sent to Chaser API and benefit from 2-factor authentication and HTTPS security

Key benefits of using Chaser 

Users of the Chaser API get all the same advantages and benefits of users with direct integrations.

When using Chaser, businesses benefit from:

1) Full visibility

Users can ensure invoices never slip through the cracks, with end-to-end debtor tracking - including the automatic tracking of all communications, including customer replies in Chaser. This information is available in Chaser’s ‘receivables’ area that summarises all invoices and customers, as well as their full communications history.

2) Faster payments

Businesses using the Chaser API can send automatic email and SMS payment reminders, and give all of their customers access to a dedicated payment portal to make instant payments and view all their invoices in one place.

3) Delight customers

Businesses can maintain great customer relationships whilst getting invoices paid faster. Via Chaser API they can access advanced customisation, segmenting and scheduling, and apply their organisations’ branding and tone of voice on all communications.


Key features of Chaser

The Chaser API means you have access to all the data you need to do end-to-end debtor management in one place. It lets you work with different platforms for your accounts receivables and easily integrate them with Chaser.

  • Integrate Chaser's accounts receivable software with any accounting system or ERP
  • Send automated email reminders and SMS payment reminders
  • Link your customers to a dedicated payment portal to make instant payments, view payment details and all invoices and documentation
  • Personalise all customer touch points and communications with your own brand and tone of voice
  • End-to-end debtor management from credit checking to debt recovery

Connect your chosen software with Chaser for faster invoice payments

To connect your chosen accounting system with Chaser via Chaser API, follow the help centre article on the Chaser API, or speak with an expert at Chaser to get started today.

Please see the 'Integrations' drop-down on Chaser's website menu bar for more information on Chaser's integrations. Accounting systems such as Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, and AccountsIQ have a direct integration with Chaser and do not require the use of Chaser API.

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