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Eliminate manual payment chasing with Chaser and Business Central

Eliminate manual payment chasing with Chaser and Business Central

Business Central users can access a new, seamless integration with Chaser, making it even easier to eliminate manual work when chasing late payments. Thanks to this new integration, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365 users can now chase invoices and reduce late payments automatically with Chaser.


What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?


Dynamics Business Central is designed for small-medium enterprises to help them manage their finances, operations, sales, and customer service and is used by SMEs globally. 


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an ERP, its suite of inbuilt tools supports business functions such as financial management, supply chain management, sales, service, project management, and more. Now, thanks to the new integration between Chaser and Business Central, these users can also benefit from accounts receivable automation, seamlessly connected with their Microsoft Dynamics account. 


Why connect Chaser to Business Central: Letting businesses eliminate manual work when chasing late payments


73% of small and medium businesses say they are currently negatively impacted by late payments (Intuit). Those same businesses also report spending an average of 10 hours per week chasing late invoices (Intuit), representing a staggering time cost to these often resource-stretched, smaller organizations, and a distraction from focusing their resources on crucial business growth. 


However, by using accounts receivable automation tools available in Chaser SMBs have been able to significantly reduce late payments and their negative impacts. SMBs who use accounts receivables automation are three times more likely to get their invoice paid before the due date (The late payment report, 2022). Furthermore, in 2023, SMBs using Chaser saved a collective 9.2million minutes by automating their payment reminders. By implementing accounts receivables automation with Chaser seamlessly connected to their Business Central account, users are able not only to minimize the time spent on chasing late invoices, but also to reduce the occurrence of late payments altogether.


Learn about the full benefits of the new and improved Chaser and Business Central integration in the upcoming webinar 'How to eliminate manual work when chasing late payments with Chaser and Business Central'; register for the webinar here.


By integrating Business Central and Chaser, businesses can eliminate the manual work associated with chasing late payments, reduce bad debts, and improve cash flow.

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In addition, recent feature releases in Chaser will bring further optimizations and efficiencies to the payment chasing process for Business Central users, such as:

  • Payer rating’ AI-generated insights on payer behavior, such as automatically categorizing customers as 'Good', 'Bad', or 'Average' payers
  •  'Recommended chasing times’ AI-generated suggestions providing users with an optimal day and time to send reminders to maximize chances of receiving payment
  • 'Auto-call' allowing businesses to automate their debtor phone calls entirely 


Benefits of Chaser and Business Central


See below the key benefits of integrating Chaser to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central account:

  • Reduce late payments: Take a proactive approach to credit management with the help of automation, send polite, persistent reminders to debtors, and watch late payments reduce. 

  • Eliminate manual work: Automate manual, time-consuming, and repetitive tasks including debtor phone calls, so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Protect customer relationships: Ensure every touchpoint is personalized, all reminders are on-brand, and all emails are sent from your company's domain with advanced customization.

  • Improve cash flow: Chaser users reduce days sales outstanding by an average of 10 or more days, speed up your cash-in, and improve cash flow.

  • Optimize your AR process: Use AI-generated insights on customer payment behavior, recommended chasing times, and more to ensure you are chasing the right customers at the best times.

  • More accurate data: Corrections and reversals are reflected in Chaser in real-time. So if you make an update on an invoice, your customers will only be sent the most up-to-date, accurate amount. 

  • Faster integration: Updates made in Business Central are reflected in Chaser within seconds, meaning you are always working with the most recent data, and a paid invoice is never chased.


See the full benefits and capabilities of the Business Central and Chaser integration in the Help centre.


Chaser accounts receivable software for Business Central users


By integrating Business Central and Chaser you can eliminate manual work when chasing late payments, reduce bad debts, and improve cash flow at your business. See it for yourself by starting a Chaser free trial, or speak to an expert today.

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